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1. Let’s Kill Tonight Panic! at the Disco // 2. Tigerlily La Roux // 3. Problem Natalia Kills// 4. Cannibal Ke$ha // 5. Felicia The Constellations // 6. Kill of the Night Gin Wigmore // 7. Make Me Wanna Die The Pretty Reckless // 8. Those Who Slay Together, Stay Together Chiodos // 9. Miss Jackson Panic! at the Disco10. Kinda Outta Luck Lana Del Ray

King of the Nerds feels?

Being a Smosher/Smosh Game fan, I have already sworn loyalty to Team Joven(Joshua). That episode was complete drama towards the end. Yes, I know that Josh shouldn’t have lied to her, or even said anything to her about who he was voting for in the 1st place, but it’s a competition. We can’t expect people playing fair the entire game because with more shows like this, teams would be broken up and it’s every nerd for his/herself. Besides, if you guys saw Josh’s video a few weeks back interviewing his fellow KOTN friends, Danielle WAS there (even though she was only on via webcam). Either they are both great actors, or whatever drama that came from this episode gets resolved later on in the show. Think about it.

Last rant of the night.

GENEVIEVE HOW DO YOU MANAGE TO STAY ALIVE?!?! She had the disadvantage in all 3 nerd-offs she was in. The comic trivia, the dance off, and the fucking tower building. I don’t know how she’s pulling it off, but I just want someone to knock her off her high horse. I don’t dislike her, but how she plays the victim everytime she’s voted off really irritates me. Stop being a huge threat, and maybe you wouldn’t be in so many nerd-offs.

Ok, I’m done with ranting. Team Chicken Panda/Elder God/Nerdfather.