i have lost my mind; a sleepy playlist for those days when you just don’t feel like yourself

i. the hush sound / that’s okay ii. the 1975 / me iii. vampire weekend / i think ur a contra iv. alt-j / breezeblocks v. sticky fingers / dinner’s on you vi. sky ferreira / sad dream vii. karen o ft. ezra koenig / the moon song viii. youth lagoon / july ix. king krule / baby blue x. lorde / buzzcut season xi. los campesinos! / glue me xii. wolf alice / blush

こんにちは *^_^*

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•Doctor Who
Breaking bad
Pushing Daisies
Teen Wolf
•All Time Low
Blink 182
Vampire Weekend
Arctic monkeys
Fall out boy
•Leonardo Dicaprio
Tom Hiddleston
Lee pace
Benedict cumberbatch
Aaron paul

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Forget sibling feuds, they have cousin feuds. Zenebas style. And that consists of insulting hair-styles and even more name-calling. Wolff thinks that Rob’s hair is too flat. And Rob thinks that Wolff’s hair is too pointy. Needless to say, I don’t think they ever got along well…

I’m sorry the Fuehrer isn’t stickered. (He’s actually a Fuzors model. So no Eisen Dragoon insignia, oh boo.)


My first paneling! :D (Also first Hasbro kit—I believe all my others are Tomy.) So I apologize if it is an eyesore to those who are more experienced with customization. OTL;; I still have to clean up some streak marks and such, but I just wanted to put him together. I wish I’d figured out earlier (as in, when I first started detailing Amaryllis…) that Q-tips are my best friend for this and it’s a lot easier to use them to stroke paint on, plus there’s no ugly bristle imprints. Plus you can get some cool effects, like making gun metal look rusty and weathered.

Once I paint his sniper rifle, I’ll put that on him. <3 His sniper-scope keeps popping out, so I think I’ll have to glue that. :/ But that was my Saturday, yes. I am pleased. I will build Amaryllis next and then I can have them together in my cabinet.