A few more weeks until my blog’s one year anniversary! I’ll be releasing some very exciting news to celebrate once Dec 8 hits with a very special video for everyone :D! In meantime here is my Top 10 coordinate posts since the creation of my tumblr blog <3 ~

P.S. Does anyone else notice my top posts have my face hugely plastered all over them O_o!? I originally added a pic of my face close up only because I wanted to keep a history of my make-up. I think that’s super hilarious XD.

1. Otakon Friday Royal Tea Party Coord

2. Otakon Saturday Coord

3. AnimeNEXT Friday Coord

4. Pride Parade Coord

5. Sakura-Con Friday Masquerade Ball Coord

6. Metropolitan Museum of Art Coord

7. Saturday New York Comic-Con Coord

8. Saturday Anime Weekend Atlanta Coord

9. Thursday New York Comic-Con Coord

10. 6%DOKIDOKI Sebastian Matsuda Meet at Bryant Park Coord


~ Playing with Magic Mage Coordinate for Japan Society Lolita Fashion Lecture Feb 5th ~

Come see me at my Lolita Make-Up: A Comprehensive Guide Panel on Friday, Feb 14th, 2:45pm - 4:30pm, Room 203, Katsu-Con 2014!

I’ll be going over everything you’d ever need to know about lolita make-up, boystyle make-up, doing a full face demo and giving away a Urban Decay Book of Shadows palette to one lucky winner :D! 



Jacket: London
Blouse: Offbrand
Ribbon: Handmade
Skirt: Xstore
Shoes: Primadonna