preview for my kodona outfit for Dokomi sunday (June 8th)! With T.U.K. boots, Primark tights, spider shirt and semi-handmade pants (which only look decent when seen from the front orz) Unfortunately I don’t have any lace cuffs or something like that, so my arms are pretty naked ;; Maybe I’ll be lucky to find some on Dokomi saturday, cause I don’t have time anymore to make some myself ^^;
My Loveless cosplay for Saturday can be found here! :D

Oh, and if somebody’s got some pictures of my outfit from Japan Day (May 17th), please tell me~

my outfit for Dojaku on Saturday~! Nothing fancy, I suck at finding new kodona-ish clothes, so I have to reuse old stuff.
Well… maybe. There don’t really seem to be anyone coming I know, at least not on saturday and I don’t really wanna go on sunday… So right now I don’t really know if I’m going or not (since it’s also supposed to be pretty hot outside), but I’ve been wearing this on Japan-Day already (rather a slightly different version actually), but don’t have any pictures of it, so…
But I really don’t wanna be alone…

(hat from H&M, jabot by Harajuku Maiden, tights from Primark, boots by T.U.K., rest random offbrand)

So does anyone I know go on saturday?

I love the way my new #aliceandthepirates blouse looks with my flame prince jacket, but I’m trying to figure out what color breeches to get. Brown or ivory? Or maybe make my own and match the fabrics? I also have a pair of steam punk ball joint doll stockings that I want to wear with this. Slowly trying to build a cord.

#ega #elegantgothicaristocrat #kodona #ouji #cord #fashion

smourice-toastygraham asked:

((May I ask whom these 10 OCs are?))

1. Shoko Meijihime, based on Meiji Chocolate and Meiji era schoolgirls

2. Pinobu Kurodona, based on Pino ice cream and kodona fashion

3. Hinode Melonbun, based on melonpan and miko

4. Matchiyo Aisuqueen, based on green tea ice cream and ice queens

5. Sango Nitromume, based on ramune and kyudo archers (basically not!Kasumi)

6. Roi (x), based on royal milk tea and J-Pop idols

7. Harami (x), based on Harajuku crepes and Harajuku fashion

8. Kaji Ringocake, based on fruit breads and salarymen

9. Lottie (x), based on Lotte chocolate pies and office ladies

10 Amaika Sourkiss, based on really delicious alcohol sours and beer garden bunnies lmao

I ship Matchiyo/Roi, Amaika is my spirit guide and when players team up Choko-Shoko they get an added boost of power cuz dem names