Portraits On Film by Jade Berry

Cameras : Olympus & Vivitar 35mm, Bronica ETRSi 120, Mamiya C330 120

Films : Kodak Color Plus 35mm, Kodak Portra 120

Jade on shooting film and what photography means to her:

“Using film to me is like creating a piece of artwork. I love to use analogue cameras and film as I strive to captures life’s important moments before they become lost forever. Its almost like the moments or my dreams come to life as they are physical, not just code and pixels on a screen. I observe natural light in all of my work, documenting the ‘moment’, real people, real places, real presence. I feel my photography which is personal, shows a different look on life. Its the aesthetic, originality and beauty. Anyone can take a photo these days, on their phones or using digital cameras on automatic. For me the process of photography is so important, and it should be a time consuming activity. I like to put a lot of thought into my work, even if I am just photographing a moment. The feeling of serendipity and anxiousness of wether your photographs have exposed is a feeling i still love, I guess you have to be obsessive yo make sure your pictures do come out, and that comes from just doing it.”

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