Emirin, Haramina, Kasusu, Ogiso, Riripyon, Kuumin, Kanakana, Shiitan & (last but definitely not least in my heart) Mii.

I’m so darn proud of these 9 girls.

They’ve each given me so much in the time that I’ve gotten to know them and I can only give them love & my full respect in return <3

I ain’t gonna cry just yet.

Until that painful day comes for each & every one of these 9 Sakae princesses to leave us in pursuit of their dreams and aspirations, let’s keep enjoying the time we have together! :3

Matsui Rena's Ameblog - 15\04\2013


It’s Rena(・ω・)

The 2 days concert in Gaishi Hall - [Kawaranai Koto. Zutto nakama na koto\Something that won’t change. That we’ll always be comrades] safely came to an end.

I was surprised to know that, aside from the people who could make it to the concert, there were also many who couldn’t come but stayed outside. If we were able this year as well to perform in Gaishi Hall, is just because there’s so many people supporting us that that wouldn’t even fit all in the place.
Thank you so much, really.

This time it not only was the first big concert after a year, but it also was the graduation concert for 9 members.
When, during the last performance, the graduating members sang Tabidachi Sotsugyougumi’s [Sore wo seishun to yobu hi], the place, that was filled with colorful penlights got dyed in white.
I not only was very happy to see that, even though the place was so huge, the fans cooperated all together in order to give such a wonderful scenery as a present to the graduating members, but I also realised that SKE is being supported by amazing people.

All the graduating members properly gazed in front of them, and they looked so cool.
I cried lots, but I couldn’t just keep sobbing while looking at them!
Still, huge drops of tears started flowing.

Emiri has been like Team S saviour,  that came helping us out with our Stage so many times.
To be honest, I would’ve loved to be able to work hard with her being in the same team…
Today she’ll have a birthday celebration stage, while tomorrow’s one will be her graduating stage…
I hope she’ll receive so many words of congratulations and gratitude that she won’t be able to hold them all. 

As for Haramina, I’m really happy I could work together with her for Oki Doki’s senbatsu.
Her dynamic way of performing is really cool and captivating.
But what I like the most is her happy face while she’s eating.
She looks like a kid during that moments and she’s really adorable.

Kasusu made it in to senbatsu with last year’s Janken Taikai and I was able to look at her doing her best from a short distance. I’m so happy she’s gradually getting more and more cute and shining.
She has a misterious power able to sooth everyone with her calm and gentle smile.
I want her to keep following her own pace.

Ririchan is…really cute!!
Ever since the first time I saw her I thought she was adorable, looking like a rabbit!
Her eyes are always flaming and filled with curiousity and everytime she speaks everything gets more brighter.
When she was wearing the red graduating outft she looked a bit as she was stretching herself out and that was so very charming.

I worked with Ogichan for a long time, being senbatsu members and both thinking of her leaving and of not being able to see her playing with Yuria anymore feels incredibly sad and lonely.
Looking at her singing Sore wo seishun to yobu hi during the rehearsal and on the actual stage, really hit my heart intensely.
And she was so…SO pretty during Manazashi Sayonara.
Ogichan is a confident and responsible girl. I want her to keep doing her best believing in herself.

As for Team S members, we’ll still be able to perform together so I’ll write about them when those Stages will be over…

Even though I decided I wouldn’t absolutely cry and I would’ve bid them farewell with a smile, looking at the graduating members made my eyes’ inner corners get hot and when it was time for Tooku ni Itemo’s intro I started crying out loud together with Jurina.
It looks like my heart perceived these graduations in a more huge way my mind would’ve ever thought…

Lastly, there’s something I shouldn’t forget. That is…Shawachan.
During the concert’s second performance I had the chance to sing [Nice to meet you].
When I went to see the Stage with Shawachan, I cried seeing her performing that song.

I’m really, REALLY happy I met you.
I’m grateful for the miracle of having met you by chance, with so many people in this world.

That’s what I felt for Shawachan, at that time.
So, even though I couldn’t sing it with her, I thought I wanted, one day, to sing that song. And, amazingly, I was given the chance to do that in the Gaishi Hall concert.
That made me really happy so I tried to sing it  treating it with all the value it’s worth of.

Now…when I thought about how I should’ve closed this post, the final answer was this concert’s title:

[Kawaranai Koto. Zutto nakama na koto\Something that won’t change. That we’ll always be comrades]

Even 1st generation graduated members went to see the concert.
No matter how much time passes since one leaves SKE, that won’t change the fact that we spent the same time in the same place.
They’ll always, always be precious comrades.


Stop being so cute, omg it’s killing me.

2012-09-30 21:56:13


Furukawa (゜∀。*) Furukawa who loves majisuka


Late evening!


Today was a handshake eventtttt ♪


and so,


this is today’s chibi airin

Something that happened today

Airi:  Majisuka’s Peace is here!!! (Tadahhhhh!) Peace: Paryu…

Airi: Although I thought that, it was SKE48’s Yuria-chan!! (Tadahhhh!)

Well, both of them are cute so it’s therapeutic….




because I’m watching Majisuka


when I see Yuria


“Ah, it’s Peace”


I end up saying that lol


fufufu lol


Majisuka is interesting isn’t itttttttttttttt


yeahhhh it’s great (・ω・*)♪


I want to see the next episode of Majisuka sooooooooooooooon!!!




It’s no good, the number of fantasies that I have are increasingggggggggg


and so, for today’s handshake event


I was paired with Emiri ♪


It was funnnnn lol


because we hardly ever get to interact with each other you know


Today we talked about many things with each other lolol


definitely Furukawa is


popular with members’ families, I found that out ← (TN: it’s been said before that Emirin’s sister is Airi-oshi, and so is Momona’s mom and Yuria’s mom)


I want to meet everyone’s families lol joking lol


and so


tomorrow I have to get up earlyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


I’ll wake upppppppppp


I’ll wake uppppppppppppp


Can I wake upppppp I’m worrieddddddddd




Please hope that I’ll be able to wake up (・人・)


and now


Maybe I’ll go take a bath


Airin (゜∀。*)

[MV] Dialogues from Sore wo Seishun to Yobu hi

Kumi: This world lacks imagination.
If we had a bit more imagination maybe both me and everyone else would be different.

O.Shiori: I wonder what I want to do…

Minami&Mizuki: I wonder where we’re heading to…

Kumi: I don’t know.

Kana: To think we all used to be here…
T.Shiori: Just looking at the sky together used to be fun enough, didn’t it?
Kana: We all looked at the same sky, right?
T.Shiori: Now we’ll head towards different directions, won’t we?
Kana: They call it “Everyone’s different path”, but…what does that actually mean anyways?

Emiri: I wonder if there will be tracks on the way…
Kasumi: Will there be a different light on everyone’s different path?
Ririna: We’ve been walking together all this time, but we’ll be alone from now on, won’t we?

Kana: It would be nice if we could stay together forever, don’t you think?
T.Shiori: Even the coulds we all used to look at were moving forward, weren’t they?
Kana: Then I wonder if we have to move forward too…


Kumi: Still, I have to move forward.

O.Shiori: I’ll start walking, imagining my future self.

Kumi: Because that’s me.

Kumi: Yes. That’s my nature.

[Birthday Letters] Kobayashi Emiri and Ichino Narumi's letters for each other's birthday (15\04\2013)

I got teary eyes with Naruchan’s letter.

No joke…
I might’ve cried.
Since it’s really worth watching the video, in my opinion, (expecially because Narumi is a cutie pie) I’ll leave it here (just the letters reading parts). Choose whether to watch or read first.

Emiri’s letter for Narumi

“To Naruchan.
Happy 14th birthday.
Our encounter felt somehow fated, since we share the same birthday.
Remember we took a pic together?
When you first started appearing on stage, you had lots of uncertainties about the moves and the positions so I also happened to feel worried, thinking "Is she going to be all right?”
But now, seeing you working so hard and appearing so much as an under, I feel relieved.
These are the results of the practice you went through every single day.
And congratulations for having been, thanks to those results, promoted to Team E.
Your master is very happy for you.
From now on, please do your best both as a Team E member and as a senior.
I’m looking forward to your activity.
You, who come sticking so much to the point of becoming annoying…
I always act as if I’m being irritated by it but truth is I think you’re cute.
Please keep being my cute pupil.
Let’s go together to the amusement park again one day, okay?
I hope this will turn out to be a wonderful year for you.
From your master,

Narumi’s letter for Emiri

“To Emiri-san.
Happy Birthday.
At the time I joined SKE and became a Kenkyuusei, I immediately got able to talk with seniors like Makiko-san and Angel-san, but I wasn’t able to get close to you, due to your scary look.
But as the seniors gradually started to leave, graduating or being promoted, and the remaining kenkyuusei got to do lessons and performances together, looking at you doing your very best I began to admire you more and more.
Currently, I admire you so much that my eyes and ears evolved specifically for you and I end up thinking things like "Ah, this is the part of the song in which is possible to hear Emiri-san better” or “I can’t miss the expression Emiri-san does in that point!!”.
Am I disgusting?
Not at all!!

When the songs we perform during the stage changed and they announced our positions, looking at yours I couldn’t avoid thinking “Why? Emiri-san should be more on front!”.
I feel as frustrated as I would for me, thinking you should perform on front!
That’s because I’ve always observed how much you worked hard.
But I loved so much the you who, nonetheless, accepted that and kept doing your best.
When, at the beginning of March, we had to design the Birthday T-Shirts for April I was so happy that you came to me and said “Naruchan, since this is going to be my last Birthday T-shirt, how about we do a matching one?”
So very happy that I had to re-write it countless times before being able to properly do it!!

When I happened to be suddenly called to appear as an under and I was feeling nervous, you cheered on me, saying “Don’t worry, do your best! If it’s you it’ll be all right!”. Then, when it was over you would always worry and send me a mail asking “Did everything go all right?”.
I’ve always felt as I could do anything if there was you telling me to do my best!
Once, after a hand-shake event, I was alone because my schedule wouldn’t match anyone else’ s and you approached me saying “Naruchan, let’s go playing somewhere!”. You also told me “I’ll make you my pupil!”
There are so many “Thank you” I want to tell you.

At first I didn’t know you were going to graduate.
Still, I started to notice through various things, but I was too scared to ask you about it.
As April started, so many times I ended up thinking “If only time could stop right now…”

Then, during the Gaishi Hall concert, it was time for the promotions announcement.
When my name was called, you were the first thing I could think about.
Even though Emiri-san worked so hard, she’s going to graduate without having been promoted, so is it really fine for someone like me to be promoted!?
It was heart-breaking.
You smiled at me, saying “Congratulations”.
I think that you truthfully felt frustrated, but, even so, your smiled at me.

I can’t believe that my precious master, Emiri-san, is going to leave soon.
Still, that day is about to come.
Even if you won’t be an SKE member anymore, you’ll be my master forever.
I’m going to work harder and harder so that, one day, I’ll be able to have pupils too.
I’ll do my best during my 14th year, so please you do the same during your 19th one!

Ah, I forgot to write this!
The very first words you told me when we met were:
“We were born on the same day!! Let’s take a pic together!”.
Do you remember? (Oh, we wrote the same thing!!)
You had a ponytail at that time.

Emiri: No.

"Eh? Really!? But…
Well, whatever…let’s forget about that.
From Naruchan.”

To end this…I shall post Emiri’s G+ update today, after the stage :)

Damn, I feel like crying again XD