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Freeware Review - Knytt

Knytt is a 2D exploration platformer by Nicklas “Nifflas” Nygren.  There are almost no enemies, and for the few that are there, you really have to go out of your way to get yourself killed by them.  Rather than combat, the focus is on exploring the vast (for a 2D flash game) world and taking in the sights. Interesting visuals, solid jumping mechanics and a relaxing atmosphere combine to make Knytt a unique and enjoyable experience.

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Freeware Game - Knytt

The other day, HyruleChozo did a review for an interesting little freeware game. In stark contrast to my usual habit of reading said review (with interest) and moving on, I actually went and grabbed it. The single screenshot he posted along with explaining the simple controls really got me wanting to play it.

By and large it was everything that it promised. A huge, beautiful 2D world with atmospheric music and relaxing ambiance. There are little creatures peppered about the locales, which all have a unique feeling to them, and although they don’t do much it makes the place feel alive. However, I must also comment on something HyruleChozo pointed out which I most certainly agreed with after playing: There is absolutely no interaction or narrative aside from the opening and ending sequence.

As I explored, I would come upon a small cluster of people just doing their thing and I would wonder to myself, “Who are they, what’s their story?” A good example would be the picture at the top of this page. In another reference to Mario you have two quadrupeds apparently exchanging their unhappiness with one another, while wearing red and green hats respectively. The game gives you no information about them aside from what you see in that scene, and to the best of my knowledge you’re not able to reach the other side of that lake.

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This is Knytt Stories, the level editor version of Knytt. It takes what you loved from the original game and puts it in your hands to mold. You can play what other people have made, and in general have fun.

Which I am doing, immensely.

Nifflas, the creator, has made one level available with the game, and another four with the expansion pack Strange Dreams.

After Dark (Cardboard Computer)

“Just playing with the editor & getting a feel for it :)”May 22, 2010

Noyb’s remarks: “This isn’t the first Knytt Stories level we’ve seen on Zero Feedback, but it’s certainly the most experimental. Rather than give Juni, the player character, a world to explore and powerups to collect, Cardboard Computer has trapped her in a 2x2 tile room. Beneath her prison rest a number of enemies, most filling the screen with particles that would be dangerous were she not confined to a solid room. Though she cannot escape, she can affect the outside world, triggering a plant to shoot fireballs, a cyclopean spike monster to jump. The calm background track fades out leaving only the sound of wind, percussive beats of futile attacks, fireballs sizzling against the ground, Juni’s own footsteps. A soothing meditation on Knytt Stories’ aural ambiance.”

Note: This level requires the free Knytt Stories to play. You can also play it by downloading GloriousTrainwrecks.exe and looking for the After Dark entry in the Knytt of the Month Club #3 event.

[Download (.knytt)] [Download Knytt Stories for Windows (required)]

Game 114: Knytt Stories

Nifflas games are some of the most calmingly atmospheric things I’ve ever experienced. I loved his original Knytt which takes exploration gameplay to its logical extreme and makes that the sole game focus. Nifflas games are rarely difficult (Within A Deep Forest, I’m looking at you), but that really just lets the experience wash over you all the better.

The environments, music, and everything else in the game are just beautiful and simply reinforce the feel of the game so well that it really is an experience that just needs to be experienced to be understood. This game has more mechanics than the original Knytt, but not so many it takes away from the simplicity of the game. The game is more Metroidvania than the original which was more just an experiment in exploring areas with a static character as opposed to the new upgrades which are used for some rather clever gameplay moments.

I’m not sure there’s much else I can say, but given that the game is open source and has a level editor I’m sure I’ll play plenty of other levels people have made in it and hopefully enjoy them just as much. I know Nifflas himself has made some expansion packs that I’ll have to go try out eventually as well.

Thanks Nifflas for a damn good bunch of games.

Knytt Stories (PC) nous vient de Nifflas’ Games. Knytt Stories est un jeu de plateforme, mais c'est d'abord une invitation à l'exploration. Vous incarnez une fillette qui doit bien évidemment atteindre la sortie du niveau. Pour se faire, vous devez récupérer vos facultés et chaque niveau est en fait une aventure à part. Car la grande force de Knytt stories, c'est qu'un éditeur de niveau permet de créer ses propres aventures et de jouer celles des autres. Bref de nombreuses aventures sont à prévoir…

Pour absolument TOUT SAVOIR sur knytt stories c'est par ici !

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Pour le concours de vvvvvv les gagnants sont donc : Luc, XimaNiobium et mnkrft ! Puisqu'ils n'ont été que trois à participer il reste deux clefs ! Les deux premiers à m'envoyer un mail pour me les réclamer gagneront automatiquement le jeu.

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