Crossing the Line

Kind of a crazy scene when I was downtown today. Apparently some knucklehead had barricaded himself in an apartment and there was a 7 hour standoff with the police as they cordoned off the area as the suspect was known to have a history of violence and possibly armed. Snipers on the roof, SWAT (or the ERT as it is called here), K-9 unit… the whole shabang.

I happened to be there when a dude disobeyed the yellow tape. Yep. He crossed the line.

It all ended relatively peacefully thanks to some tear gas.

You can read more of the story here:

Digital Comics Preview: Knuckleheads #6

Digital Comics Preview: Knuckleheads #6

Monkeybrain Comics have released a preview of this weeks digital comic – Knuckleheads #6

$.99 – Ages 15+ -The Knucklefriends hang out in the park. What? Sounds boring? You want action? How about a talking dog? And a kid trapped in a well? That’s right. A KID TRAPPED IN A WELL. You’re welcome.

Click here to buy this title now on ComiXology.

Brian Winkeler, Writer
Robert Wilson IV, Artist

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