if any idol/group has the balls to stand up to their company when something is very wrong and they risk losing literally everything they worked for and risk ruining their lives and/or career, then they have my utmost respect.

  • Dan:Kyle was, mind you, on a list of... he was on some ridiculous list of most cuddleable famous person's beards??
  • Zane:Really!?
  • Dan:The most shocking thing is that someone thought that Kyle was famous
  • Zane:No, the most shocking thing is that list exists! Which I think is fantastic, I mean, that's incredible!
  • Kyle:What was nice, was that in the list, there were like sort of A-list celebrity stars and then - they felt like they had to .. it was "Kyle Simmons, from Bastille", just to clarify who this guy in the picture was.
  • Zane:I mean, you know, I'm a fan of you, I didn't know your last name was Simmons, I just wanna put that down.
  • Dan:I didn't even know his last name was Simmons
  • Zane:Always thought you were Kyle Bastille

My cousin, Gabriela (or Gaby) Gomez has been missing since yesterday. She was supposably going to stay after school for a test and then wait there till 6 pm till I was done with practice so that way my mom wouldn’t have to make 2 trips. When practice was over, my cousin was to be outside in the front waiting for me. She was not there. We spent a good time waiting and I searched around the school and she was nowhere to be found. We called hospitals around here to see if maybe she’s gotten hurt… Nothing. After a few hours we called the police and they couldn’t do much because since she’s 18, she isn’t considered missing until 72 or so hours.

Now I know she’s 18, but she moved here from California a few months ago to finish senior year. She doesn’t know the place too well so she wouldn’t just run off. That is not like her. Something is wrong, I can feel it.

Can everyone just please, please keep an eye out and please, reblog this. I know you might feel it won’t help but believe me, you might just help my whole family out. We are worried sick and aren’t sure what to do.

My cousin is:
About 164 
Brown eyes (if she’s wearing contacts, bluish)
Dark brown hair on the roots and blondish for the rest of her hair.
She is:
Hispanic but is very light skinned

She was last seen wearing grey leggings with blue flowers on it and a grew shirt.
She also had half her hair up.
She carries a black bag with green writing on it.
She is wearing white shoes.

She goes to Reynolds high school and lives here in Troutdale.

It’s thanksgiving, please help us find her.
Thank you guys so much, I really love you guys and please have a safe Thanksgiving.


“Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.” 

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if you don’t think Michael Clifford is attractive, good because once you do there’s no turning back and you’re stuck in the vortex of never ending burning passion, love, and sexual desire for him and it eats you alive


SWAN MEME | 9/9 scenes

i will never understand why people romanticize relationships between people who are “madly in love” and “fight like hell all the time” but are still “crazy about each other” regardless like u know exactly the type of shit im talking about

like when they have screaming matches yelling all sorts of abuse at each other and then they’re like making out or whatever like i don’t get it

of course lil fights happen but if you consistently don’t get along with somebody that’s a fuckin sign that u should prob not be dating them i mean…… obv something aint going right

its so annoying stop romanticizing unhealthy obsessive fighting relationships 2k15

fantasizedaydreams asked:

As a child I have never watched the movie Peter Pan nor have I ever read the book. Can you tell me what is going on? I don't want to hate something without knowing any details. Thank you.

you see this girl

and this one

that’s tiger lily. you might notice that she is native american, and that’s pretty important to her character as she is part of a tribe in neverland

this is who they’ve casted for the new Pan film