I'm finished.

Guise, crey. Please join with me as I crey.


I can’t believe to have these much feels with a koreanovela. Two knovelas had killed me already and I don’t know if I could survive this. I’m breathing everyday, thinking ways to survive after this hard fall because the aftermaths are killing me slowly. I’m feeling nostalgic every time I think about it, I miss waking up in the morning and setting up the DVD to watch this, I miss every little bit of the Joseon Power Rangers, I miss everything. Awww, now I’m crying.

Believe me, at first I didn’t really liked this drama, especially after my dying with AGD, but after a few episodes, I got angry when I realized this only have 20 episodes only, I mean, come on. Some says, the other episodes weren’t necessary but I’m happy enough with the other episodes because without them, maybe I’ll die earlier.

And now, I’m leaving you with one of my favorite quote in this Knovela:

If I could die and meet you, I would die right now.

"I am talented at erasing memories that I don’t want to remember."

- Lee Su Yeon, Missing you

Gaaaah. And I’m on it’s 6th episode! Too many to go. I need to finish it until the school year starts. It’s too depressing for me if I still watch this during class days.. Lol. Try to watch it guys, a very interesting story. :D

sheeeks.. :) ang sweeeet!

kaya ang sarap subaybayan ng mga koreanovela eh!. ang sweet!

-tatanungin lang kung anong breakfast ang gusto, tumawag pa yung lalaki sa isang program sa radyo.. at sa huli sinabi niya pa na “kung sakaling magbago ang isip mo, at kahit gano pa katagal. andito lang ako maghihintay sa sagot mo”\

homaaaay! sweeeeeet



Missing You

And here I go again. Korea Novela Marathon all over again. Kainis lang kasi bitin, wala pa yung ibang episodes. Kaya hintay hintay din. Hahaha! Ngayon ko na lang magagawa ‘to kaya sinusulit ko na. Dahil sa pasukan baka ‘di na ako makanuod ng TV. Hahaha.

Medyo nakaka-depress ang kwento nito. Huhu. Pwede bigyan niyo ko ng website na pwede mapanuoran ng mga K Novela?

English Lyrics: Love is feeling — the moment I first saw you — love is feeling As if time had stopped, I was in love with you and I wanted you Love is my p…

Love is my pain — the more I love — Love is my pain
The world gets jealous and hurts someone like you
The person who makes me breathe, there’s only one person who is deeply engraved in my heart
The person who lives in my eyes, there’s only one person who I’ve hidden in my heart
You, the one person

Natapos ko na rin sawakas. Paputol -putol pag nuod ko nito kasi natatagalan din ung pag upload ng eng sub na episodes. but now tapos na siya. :)))) wahahahaha…

15 eps lang. so butin.

hohoh.. but its okey its alright. :)

—- super funny

— super kaiyak

at higit sa lahat

— super kilig 

tong palabas na to. =))

i bet soon ipapalabas din to sa pinas. :)) wahahaha.. XD

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