I reaaaaaally lost my momentum with this one (stopped working on it for a month) so it doesn’t look as good as I’d like…! sorry for the usual off-model ;_; better luck next time I guess!

Also hmmmm I have been finding Transformers kinda weird to follow… I want to check other series and the comics, but I have no idea where to start (or if they are worth it) (((and there are like a million :v )))

TFU News

Two new warriors were announced…and they aren’t just any warriors….they are well known characters from Transformers Prime. Decepticon Knock Out and Autobot Wheeljack!!!!

Does Wheeljack get to blow things up? I hope so!

Wheeljack and Knock Out Announce

Edit: Reminder since this is the more popular post, TFU has been cancelled. The game servers will be shut down January 31st. Sign ups have been shut off, along with buying relic packs and other things. Founders packs are being refunded. Our mod is working on getting the unreleased warriors in to the game but there is no promise. 

Till All Are One