150326 EXO Xiu Min’s Fans Establish ‘Xiu Min Forest’ in Celebration of His Birthday

A forest will be built under EXO Xiu Min’s name.

On March 26, Tree Planet (CEO Kim Hyung Soo) revealed that ‘Xiu Min Forest’ will be established in Gangnam Hanti Neighborhood Park in celebration of EXO Xiu Min’s 26th birthday.

In order to congratulate him on his birthday, the fans decided to establish ‘Xiu Min Forest’ and has planned and carried out the project with Tree Planet since January. The environmentally friendly ‘Star Forest Project’ is a part of Tree Planet and the city of Seoul’s ‘Green Forest Project,’ targeting to build forests under stars’ names through fan participation.

Xiu Min and his fans have volunteered in various charity projects until now, including the Ethiopia water development project, knitting hats for newborn infants, helping out children with incurable disease and more. Xiu Min’s forest project, which was led by Xiu Min’s Chinese fan site ‘Coffee Prince,’ will be built in Hani Neighborhood Park, which was in need of afforestation due to its worn out facilities, providing clean air and place to rest for its visitors.

The fans who participated in the Xiu Min Forest project stated, “We were happy as we liked and cheered for a star named Xiu Min and we found out about the ‘Star Forest Project’ as we were searching for a way to express our love in celebration of his birthday. We think it was a great opportunity to return the happiness the fans received from Xiu Min back to society in a positive way.”

CEO Kim Hyung Soo of Tree Planet said, “Environmental problems are the problems that everyone in this world should participate in solving. Tree Planet has been building forests around the world along with the fans and we thank Xiu Min’s fans for being a part of it. We will continue to work hard in order to participate in planting trees with many people in a variety of ways. We′re currently planning for a special event combining a race and a tree planting event in celebration of Arbor Day.”

source: mwave


Check out this purse I found at Goodwill, it can fit

  • two commander decks
  • one modern deck
  • my draft kit
  • playmat
  • trade binder
  • knitting project (depending on size)
  • phone & wallet

and it still looks like a purse and not a backpack/tote bag!

The lining in one of the inner pockets was split, which is probably why it was at Goodwill, but that’s an easy fix.

Remember the DIY arm knitting infinity scarf ? That pretty much the same thing in bigger! :D —>

DIY Rug or Wall Art

I made this awesome rug with some scrap yarn, rope/twine, and an old t-shirt! I really love how it turned out. I originally tried to follow the tutorial from Free People, here, but after many failed attempts to cut a perfect circle from cardboard that was big enough I gave up. I stumbled across this tutorial from Flax & Twine, a blog which features a lot of finger knitting  projects. I kind of put the two tutorials together to create this! 

I used the hula hoop and old t-shirt as the base for the rug. Instead of using finger knitted yarn, I used rope and other types of yarn and ribbon as featured by Free People. 



Here’s my most recent completed project! It’s also my first time designing a sweater from scratch. To be honest, I’m the type of knitter that usually has to follow someone else’s pattern in order to create anything nice. So having no pattern was definitely a change and a challenge for me. I’m very happy with the results though! It has all the elements I could want in a sweater: dolman sleeves, slightly over-sized fit, cut-out back and lots of chunky plait cables!