nightrae said:

Have I ever told you how much I love that Florida knits in "For Every Action?" Knitting characters are some of my favorites.

No, you haven’t.

Watch the smiling ones who knit while they discuss killing insurrectionists. They are the dangerous ones.

I love this new picture of my hubbie incorporating his favourite hat, dustland hat.

He took it for a feature on Etsy where he has a shop selling his amazing prints, Derelict Photography. I feel really lucky to be married to such an amazing photographer, I get to have my walls full of his pictures :) and it helps me get more test knits because people want good project pictures for their patterns!

I want to do a series of knitting in action, where I post pictures of my knits being worn out and about :) I nearly always wear at least one piece of my knitwear, today I’m wearing two: my February lady cardigan and my Icelandic linen weave scarf! What do you think?

Hey there!

As you know we’re working A LOT on the Steam version of Defenders of the Last Colony, which will come out as DEFENDERS with a lot of new features and awesome graphics, these are a few screenshots of the actual gameplay, we hope you like it!

Defenders – screenshots Hey there! As you know we’re working A LOT on the Steam version of Defenders of the Last Colony…

Dieses Strickringe-Set gibt es bei Action für nur 5,99€.

Da ich schon seit einiger Zeit mit der Anschaffung von ein paar dieser Dinger geliebäugelt habe, aber die Preise vom Kaffeeröster und ebay-china um einiges höher sind, habe ich sofort zugeschlagen und bin vollends zufrieden.

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DIY Arm Knitting – 30 Minute Striped Infinity Scarf

By Audra Kurtz Hey gang! Are you ready for some more arm knitting action? It has been a little over a year since I posted my most popular YouTube video ever and I’m back with an updated DIY and updated how-to video!!