knitting in action

I bought a colouring book a while back because those are ~*all the rage*~ right now, they have these colouring books for grown ups with really intricate designs and colouring is supposed to really soothing and shit so I figured, eh, let’s see what the fuss is all about and I got one dirt cheap at the Action

and it’s nice, actually? I can recommend it if you have anxiety or are stressed out or some such

but you know, I already kind of had a zen-inducing hobby, so it’s a little… like, I could be spending this time knitting a jumper too, is all I’m saying

A note to me fans: your worth doesn’t diminish simply because someone else can’t see it. Be yourself. I fink you’re amazing just as you is. 

And for those of you who are dealing with family that are unsupportive, know this: I love you. I might be far away, but it doesn’t mean you can’t talk to me. I will be one of your supports - always. I didn’t get to where I am as a knitted celebrity action figure wivout all of you, yeah?

I love this new picture of my hubbie incorporating his favourite hat, dustland hat.

He took it for a feature on Etsy where he has a shop selling his amazing prints, Derelict Photography. I feel really lucky to be married to such an amazing photographer, I get to have my walls full of his pictures :) and it helps me get more test knits because people want good project pictures for their patterns!

I want to do a series of knitting in action, where I post pictures of my knits being worn out and about :) I nearly always wear at least one piece of my knitwear, today I’m wearing two: my February lady cardigan and my Icelandic linen weave scarf! What do you think?

Everyone should watch Samurai Flamenco so it can get really big and I can read Samurai Flamenco AUs for all my favorite pairings.

And yo - while we’re on the subject of positivity, yeah - if seeing a particular person or reliving an old memory leaves you feeling that fight or flight response, remember this: you’re ok. You’re going to be just fine. Always - no matter what. And if you’re still feeling nervous and edgy afterward, send us a message - I’ve got two ears and I can most definitely spare one. (They’re sewn on, but they work just fine.)


Despite the knitting machine being out of action at the end of the day, I have had a very productive day with finishing off my final fabrics for the collection. 

In my critique with Lucy she told me to expand my digital prints and continue mixing techniques on my final fabric pieces, so I have been crossing techniques for the rest of the day, such as layering PVC with one clear and one screen printed, trapped with ink between and embroidered on top of. I chose to do this to give the effect of the ants being there but slightly hidden, as they are when you see them on the ground and in/on soil and grass. I may go back and use the shearing elastic on top of the piece as the weight of the fabric would mean it would bunch up and make it appear that there are ants beneath. I will continue to experiment with ideas in my sketchbook before I make the final decision. Lucy also suggested that I look more at the stripes of the bee because apart from the striped pattern in the stitch of a piece of knit, the stripes of the bee are not very evident. I will work on this tomorrow through knit and print. 

In response to my critique with Lucy I have produced a series of digital prints for each insect from both my drawings and photographs. The prints made from photographs are mainly because I want to get the shape of the insect correct and true to shape to give the prints appear to be more real and anatomical such as the orderly designs of Timorous Beasties (shown below).

I particularly like the above design but feel that it could be particularly effective if it was just the silhouette either printed digitally or used with foil to create a glimmer on the fabric. This would not only be an effective print but if I had more time to the project I would have developed it into a piece of embroidery.