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On The Cusp: 11-Year-Olds Around The World Share Their Wisdom

Not children anymore — but not teenagers either — 11-year-olds are on the cusp of adolescence. That gives them a unique perspective.

Age 11 is when you’re most passionate and optimistic, says Australian filmmaker Genevieve Bailey. It was her favorite age. She was the happiest then.

So in 2005, Bailey set out to document the lives of 11-year-old girls and boys around the world. The project took her six years. She traveled to 15 countries, from India to Morocco to the U.S. And she worked several jobs to pay for it all.

The result: I Am Eleven, a 90-minute documentary that offers people a look at the world through the eyes of dozens of 11-year-olds. The film has been screened around the world since its debut in 2011. It began playing in U.S. theaters this month.

And each child’s story is different.

In Thailand, Goh grew up near an elephant sanctuary. That has made the 11-year-old boy very compassionate toward animals.

Thousands of miles away in Bulgaria, Giorgi won’t walk past a certain point in his neighborhood because that’s where children get hit by cars.

Contrary to what some might think, Bailey says, the boys and girls at the orphanage are among the happiest kids she met.

"I think a lot of people who live in the developed world would not think that children in orphanages were having fun," she says. "But the kids in India were very mature in their ability to have perspective and resilience. A lot of them had had very difficult early childhood experiences, but I found that their sense of humility was very, very strong."

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Photos: (Top) Jamira, 11, is an aboriginal girl in Australia. “I like being special,” she says. “I like being — you know — different than everyone else.” (Bottom left) Jack, 11, lives in Bangkok and spends a lot of his time at an elephant sanctuary. If you have a headache, he says, put your head against an elephant and “within seconds, your headache just goes away.” (Bottom right) Filmmaker Genevieve Bailey stands with the girls she met at an orphanage in India.