FO: gradient cowl!

Sometimes I obsessively knit one object. This project was one of those projects. After stash diving last week and discovering that I own quite a bit of knitpicks palette, I decided to start up this cowl.

Basically I held two strands of palette together through out the scarf, either in the same color for the solid sections or in two different colors for the transitional sections.

I’m pretty happy with the results all in all. Looks like I have a new cowl to wear for tomorrow’s snow!

P.s. I have thrown together a pattern that’s more of a general guideline. It’s available on ravelry here:

cabotcovedormouse asked:

Do you think dwarven knitters have the common problem of needing to undo stitches because their beards get woven into the work? And then perhaps it just became high dwarf fashion to wear finished knit projects in their beards as a sign of their skill. *random musings* *no idea why I'd be thinking about knitting and dwarves all of the sudden*

I imagine that dwarves would knit a lot of chain mail, so there would probably be practical defensive applications to knitting it into your beard. Could get heavy, though.