Trinity Blood characters Anime vs. Manga:






…some look the same…
…some are prettier or uglier… Or just a lil’ different…
…and some are like “wtf is this even the same character” ^.^

Just...How...Feel.... Ugh...

So after working 6 days this week, I decided to try and relax by catching up on the Trinity Blood manga. Since chapters 57-60 haven’t been translated, I had to find the raws. (Might contain spoilers)

….Just…what… I….

I seriously need to stop looking a head before the translations or I just need to keep the anime as my head cannon.

Petro is still badass! Didn’t like Vanessa too much as a character to begin with, so I don’t care that she died. Esther ACTUALLY did something useful. Sorry but I really prefer her anime persona when compared to her manga persona. :/ Less annoying in the anime. Still hate Isaak, he’s a tool.

Abel…!*cries my heart out* It was a cheap, bullshit death! (even if we all know that he comes back…)

Cain…Cain… Seriously. What. The. Fuck. How the fuck can you be so flamboyant with a freaking hole in your chest?! D<

I just…I can’t stand this point in the manga… It just makes me so damn depressed.

…I’m going to go draw to make myself feel better…


     Despite the blood on her face, the slight limp in her step, the eldest Knightlord offspring still manages to hold herself with a sense of pride. Perhaps the twins were born with it, or perhaps it’s something she’s picked up from him


     Either way, she’s worse for wear, but she’ll be damned if she lets it be too apparent. "I– Isaak. Can I help you with anything? I was just–" A cringe at a sharp pain in her side, and she sucks in a breath. "–I was just seeing myself out."