Es ist die Aufgabe unserer Generation, fest an der Seite Israels zu stehen, selbst wenn das unserer Politik anderswo Schaden bringt. Das israelische Volk ringt um den Bestand seines kleinen, dem Wüstensand abgetrotzten Staates, kämpft unter sengender Hitze um sein Lebensrecht - hinter sich das Meer und rundherum den Haß seiner Feinde.

Where’s the Apartheid: Israel Knesset

Many lies, myths, smears and Pallywood fake photos are being circulated in honor of Israel Apartheid Week. The name itself is misleading, as the ‘week’ is scheduled to last for more than a month this year.

We plan to share new and real photos of the Apartheid situation in Israel each week of the hate fest.

It is a fact that 10% of Israeli Knesset members are Arab.


All official signs in Israel are in Hebrew and Arabic, the Israeli house of government is no exception.

But it took more than one visit to find this room and sign. People working in the Knesset building were not aware there was such a room, let alone its location.


Inside the Knesset building there is a Muslim prayer room. No shoes allowed!


I was not allowed inside, but the guard made a call and he was allowed to unlock the door and let me take photos.


The photo hanging inside is not of Mecca, but of the Temple Mount filled with bowing Islamic worshipers.


Did you know that this poster was hanging inside the Israeli Knesset?

One day last week a group of Arab students were on a visit to the Knesset.

After eating lunch in the Knesset staff cafeteria, they wandered around the area.

Where’s the Apartheid?


The only signs of separation were for the toilets – one for men and one for women.

Arab women and girls use the same restrooms as other female Israelis.

So where’s the Apartheid?

No sign of it anywhere in the Israeli Knesset.

Israel's anti-boycott law: the lowdown

Basically, this new law means that “a person or an organization calling for the boycott of Israel, including the settlements, can be sued by the boycott’s targets without having to prove that they sustained damage”.

Time to vomit links!

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What is the anti-boycott law? Who does it affect? (+972Mag)
What exactly does the anti-Boycott bill say? (Joseph Dana)

Some quotes:

Saeb Erekat, the Palestinian chief negotiator, said the bill would punish those who “refuse to recognise the illegal situation associated with Israel’s settlement enterprise in occupied Palestinian territory”.

As debate on the bill opened in the Knesset, the Israeli parliament’s legal adviser presented an opinion that parts of the proposed law were “borderline illegal”. “The broad definition of a boycott on the state of Israel is a violation of the core tenet of freedom of political expression and elements in the proposed bill are borderline illegal,” Eyal Yinon said.

As of today, a wide range of people and groups who once called for a boycott will cease doing so. The space for debate and discussion in Israeli society will shrink right before our eyes.

[Association for Civil Rights in Israel]’s executive director Hagai El-Ad said the bill “represents the current unfortunate crest in a wave of anti-democratic legislation that is gradually drowning Israel’s democratic foundations.”

Israel’s Central Election Committee (CEC) voted today (Wednesday) to disqualify Palestinian Knesset Member Haneen Zoabi from participating in the coming elections. MK Zoabi is the number two candidate on Balad’s Knesset list. The decision is automatically transferred to the Supreme Court, which will hear the appeal next week. Earlier today, Balad announced that if the Supreme Court doesn’t allow Zoabi to run, the entire party will withdraw from the elections.

The decision did not come as a surprise: The CEC is a political body whose members are determined in proportion to the representation of their parties in the Knesset. The current committee therefore has a clear right-wing majority. The decision to ban Zoabi from taking part in the elections was also supported by members of Kadima, widely considered a centrist party. Labor, Meretz, Hadash, Livni’s Hatnua party and the Palestinian parties voted against, and the result was 19-9 in favor of the disqualification.

Interestingly enough, the CEC rejected requests to disqualify Palestinian parties Balad and Ra’am Ta’al from taking part in the elections. In previous elections, both parties were disqualified but the decision was reversed by the Supreme Court.

Still, Balad held a press conference today, in which party leader Dr. Jamal Zahalka made it clear that Balad will not run without Zoabi:

This [move] hurts the entire Arab public. Its purpose is to weaken the political power of the Arab citizens in the Knesset and to strengthen the Israeli right. We fully support MK Zoabi and all her actions, and we emphasize again that if the Supreme Court does not reverse the decision, Balad will not take part in the coming elections.

MK Zoabi, the only Palestinian woman in the Israeli parliament, was singled out by the Israeli right in 2010 due to her participation in the first Gaza flotilla. But despite all the video evidence that the IDF confiscated from passengers on the Mavi Marmara, it failed to prove that MK Zoabi knew or took place in any action against IDF soldiers who stormed the ship (leaving eight Turkish citizens and one American dead). After failing to press criminal charges against Zoabi, coalition members tried to withdraw some of her rights as an MK, and even to physically attack her. At one point, the Knesset speaker had to assign bodyguards to the Arab Knesset member.


Chances are that the Supreme Court will indeed let Zoabi run (I am pretty sure that some of the MKs who voted against her had this in mind). Israeli law actually makes it harder to prevent a specific candidate, rather than an entire party, from running, and the evidence against him or her needs to be very strong. This is not the case with Zoabi. Earlier this week, Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein issued an opinion claiming there is not enough evidence to disqualify Zoabi. It is thus very unlikely that even the current Supreme Court, which is more conservative then previous ones, will take a different position.

In the unlikely event that Zoabi is disqualified, a boycott – at least partial – of the elections by Palestinian citizens of Israel will probably take place. Such a scenario won’t only change the outcome of the vote, but would also be a watershed moment between Arab and Jewish citizens in Israel, the significance of which will be felt long after these elections.

(Follow this link to the original article to watch the Knesset video.)

Israel razes Bedouin village for 53rd time in three years

Israeli forces used bulldozers to demolish Bedouin-owned sheds in the Negev desert for the 53rd time in three years Tuesday, a Palestinian news agency reported.

A Bedouin chieftan told Ma’an that swathes of police escorted the bulldozers as they razed al-Araqeeb village, which is not recognized by the Israeli government, for the 53rd time since July 2010.

The demolition comes one day after thousands of Palestinian and Bedouin protesters took to the streets in towns across the West Bank, Gaza and inside the Green Line to oppose an Israeli bill that would forcibly expel tens of thousands of Bedouins from the Negev Desert.

"They have brought down all the sheds we built for the summer," Araqeeb chieftain Sheikh Sayyah Abu Mdeighim was quoted as saying by Ma’an.

Araqeeb, home to roughly 500 people, is one of about 40 Bedouin villages in the Negev not recognized by Israel’s Land Authority.

Following the 38th demolition of Araqeeb last year, villagers said they wanted apply with Guinness to claim a record for the number of times Israel has demolished a village.

A bill currently before Israel’s Knesset would forcibly expel up to 40,000 Bedouins who live on land Israel claims as its own.


Bibi wishes Muslims worldwide a happy Ramadan.

Israeli police attack rallies against Bedouin “resettlement” plan

Thousands of Palestinians took to the streets in several villages Monday to protest an Israeli plan to expel up to 40,000 Bedouins from the Negev desert, local media reported.

In Beersheba, the main city in the Negev, Israeli police attacked a demonstration against the so-called Prawer Plan after demonstrators refused orders to clear the streets.

There, police arrested at least 14 people and injured a number of others, including a Palestinian Member of Israel’s Knesset, according to Ma’an News Agency.

“Only 14 people were arrested,” said an Israeli police spokeswoman in Negev told a Ma’an reporter.

MK Jamal Zahalka suffered injuries after being assaulted by police, his Balad Party said. Other MKs who partook in the protest included Ibrahim Sarsour, Ahmed Tibi and Talab Abu Arar.

In the village of Hosan, west of Bethlehem, Israeli forces used sound bombs to attack a rally, Palestinian official news agency Wafa, said.

The sound bombs left protesters temporarily deaf, Wafa cited an activist as saying.

Meanwhile, Palestinian-owned stores closed up shop in observance of a general strike called for by the High Follow-Up Committee for Arab Citizens of Israel, an umbrella organization set up to defend the interests of Palestinians living inside the Green Line.

Israel’s Prawer Bill, which has passed a first reading at the Knesset, seeks to force tens of thousands of Arab Bedouin from their villages and into permanent outposts.

If passed, the displacement plan would also see Israel expropriate 850,000 dunums of Arab land, and lead to the destruction of at least 40 Bedouin villages not recognized by Israel.

More protests are scheduled to begin at 5:00 pm Monday in other cities including Umm al-Fahm and Majd Al-Kurum.

Demonstrations will also take place in Jaffa, Jerusalem, Ramallah, Hebron, Nablus and inside the Green Line in al-Ludd and Ramle.

anonymous asked:

You make a good point. But why do you assume this 'propoganda' is incorrect? And you may not see anti-Palestinian-ness on Tumblr, but it's perfectly visible in the eyes and actions of Zionists and the Knesset, out in the real world. Tumblrs are replying to that.


Firstly what do you understand by the term Zionist. Many people use the term in a very loose way. There are many types of Zionism, be that religious, secular or environmental. Ultimately the only unifying Zionist belief, is the belief in Jewish self-determination something that is not very controversial at all. Sorry for the Zionism 101 but i feel it is important that when people use the term they understand the many different complexities it contains as an ideology. 

Additionally, those who seek peace do not continue classic throw backs, and perpetuate one-sided narratives, they overcome it, to understand that both people are ultimately humans and that both people deserve peace. Simplifying it, to that of Israelis are evil and cause war, is not only false it is also damaging to pursuing peace.

I appreciate the fact that you didn’t bombard me with aggression, Anon. I hope you accept this response.

GCIS INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING: Israel to revoke citizenship for spying under new law


ISSUED BY: GCIS Communications Command Center

SOURCE: IntelNews

30March2011 9:48amEST

GCIS INTELLIGENCE UPDATE: A new law passed by the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, allows courts for the first time in Israel’s history to revoke the Israeli citizenship of those convicted of espionage, treason, or aiding “enemy organizations”. The new law, which the Knesset enacted on Monday night by a vote of 37 to 11, amends the country’s revered Citizenship Law, which was first enacted in 1952. Along with citizenship rights, judges will be allowed to revoke the permanent residency permits of individuals found guilty of assisting organizations designated as terrorist by the Israeli government.  (read full report)

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