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Week 2: AU

I wanted to do it so much but I haven’t got enough time.

There are more words than pictures :’D

Kuroko no youtube!

Kuroko’s subscribers like his voice - he’s always calm and quiet. Noone saw Kuroko’s face - he’s to lazy to film facecams. And he doesn’t want to. Sometimes he filmes Nigou and posts him to his channel. He plays beautiful games with a great plot. If he played horror games he wouldn’t react to jumpscares at all. And he’s the master of stealth.

Speaks English well.

He has a stream-band. They call themselves “The generation”. Maybe sometimes I will write and draw more about their channels but back to kagakuro : D

Kagami’s channel is very old. Alex was those person who showed him YT. He plays horrors and some unpopular games. His English isn’t so good. He makes mistakes (like me :[) and swears a lot (if scared). His bad English is just my headcanon. Forgot to mention, that in this AU he lives in America but not so long. I just like to think that he reads good but speaks a bit worse :’) AU+headcannon=me.

And one day he recieves a comment from verified user “TheShadow” with one phrase.

"You misspelled the name of the game".

That was the day of their meeting.

Kagami went to Kuroko’s channel and subscribed after the couple of videos.  So did Kuroko.

From time to time they recieved each other’s comments. Then they folllowed each other on Twitter.

Subscribers started to look for their relationship but there was nothing but comments. Noone knew what was going on on the other side of the Internet.

But one day Kagami posted their co-op video. That was Portal 2. Subscribers thought that Kagami was surprisingly calm which means very nervous while playing the game.

After a couple of videos and their conversations in comment section and Twitter WILD SHIPPERS APPEARED. People called them “the Light (because of fire on the bg of Kagami’s channel) and the Shadow(because of Kuroko’s username)”. Thay couldn’t invent the name of the ship because they didn’t know Kuroko’s name.

One day Kagami posted video where he said that he’s moving to Japan and is going to meet The Generation.

And then they were busted by Kise who posted their pic on Instagram xD

Well, something like this.

anonymous said:

Anything and everything Kise Ryouta?

(I hope this is good enough, my baby needs more attention~)

When he told you to sit with him in front of the piano that is in the living room of his house you expected him to know how to play, but this was beyond what you imagined. His fingers slipped gracefully over the keys, barely pressing them gently. His gaze fixed on his own movements with a narrowed look that showed concentration and passion for what he was doing. The melody was beautiful, and you could only stare at his fingers and then his face with admiration. When he turned to see you, you inmediately blushed and looked at his fingers again. You heard him giggling softly and seconds later he was finishing the piece. You were wondering how many awesome things he could do. He was a skilled basketball player, a handsome famous model and a marvelous musician. His hand took yours and you turned to face him when he kissed it. His eyes were shinning with a gleam that you cannot get to describe. “Do you want me to touch you in the same way that my keys?” He the smiled, enjoying how fast your face turned red before you pushed his face away with your hand and made him fell from the seat “No way in hell!” You yelled at him covering your eyes in embarrassment. “__-cchi you’re so cute when you act shy~” you heard him say while lying on the floor.

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