Character Appreciation Post (13/15)

Aomine Daiki, the ace player of the Generation of Miracles, is strong, formidable, and almost unbeatable.


He grew up playing street basketball and hanging out with Momoi at a young age. Before he got any formal training, he was extremely skilled with a ball and had developed a fluid style that was peerless to any other. Ridiculously strong and talented, he was put on the first string of the Teiko team almost immediately. This is when he meets Kuroko.

Kuroko and Aomine met when Aomine was cowering in the gym, thinking that Kuroko was a ghost. They begin to practice together and Aomine even encourages Kuroko to keep playing, even when Kuroko wanted to quit. Kuroko’s determination motivated Aomine.

So when Kuroko became a first string member, the two turned into the first “light and shadow” duo in the series. 

Kuroko’s not the only character that is fundamental to Aomine’s development during Teiko. When Aomine’s strength exponentially increased, taking his abilities to another level, Aomine’s personality changed as well. He became too strong for his own good, not able to find a true rival. At this time, Nijimura was still around and was able to keep Aomine at practice.

But when he leaves for good, the new coach says Aomine doesn’t have to come to practice anymore if he didn’t want to. This, coupled with an opponent saying Aomine was too strong to play against during the previous game, was devastating to Aomine’s psyche. 

He had grown up on the basketball court. Basketball requires a rival. Without having another rival worthy of playing, he felt like he was falling apart. The only way that he could deal with the heartbreaking realization was becoming arrogant and doing the bare minimum to gain victory. 

Mentally crushing his opponents was something that Aomine couldn’t bear to do. And so Aomine was the first member of the Generation of Miracles to change. In essence, he was looking for something, anything, to prove to himself that he was a worthy opponent that was capable of standing on the court. Even though he said, “The only one who can beat me is me,” he subconsciously wanted someone to challenge and prove him otherwise. Without someone else to personally beat, Aomine felt as he didn’t belong as a player.

Aomine finds Kagami at a street court, challenging him. Looking for a bit of entertainment, Aomine plays him and easily beats him during a one-on-one. He then tells Momoi that Kagami is disappointing.

The reason Aomine finds Kagami disappointing is because he’s still searching for the person that can challenge him, motivate him, and maybe even beat him.

He’s haughty because he wants to be proven otherwise. He even looks indifferent and lazy until Kagami challenges him during the first Seirin and Touou game. 

Even though Seirin loses, his face seems to be somewhat intrigued by the duo of Kagami and Kuroko. He’s surprised that Kagami could almost keep up with him.

What’s interesting is the fact that he backs Kuroko’s ideas up in the locker room and gets angry at Wakamatsu. I believe that for the first time in a long time, he had the excitement that he used to have while playing basketball. He wanted more of that feeling, and though Kuroko at that point was anything but weak. If anything, he craved for that excitement.

Aomine was also the person to inspire Kise to begin playing. When Touou plays against Kaijo, Kise gives it everything he has. But when Kise pities Aomine for having too many fouls, he’s furious. Aomine doesn’t want to be pitied. He wants to be proven wrong.

Matter of fact, Aomine admits that he understands Kise the most. He upholds the honor code and even punches Haizaki in the face in order to tell Haizaki that his methods were wrong and to protect Kise.

The thing about Aomine is that he’s looking for a challenge. He refuses to hurt anyone significantly on his journey there, and he doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt either. 

Aomine agrees to settle things with Kagami and Kuroko during the second Seiren and Touou game, and he plays from the beginning of the game this time (he played during the second half of the first one). 

Aomine, however, begins to become slightly bored as the game goes on, telling Kuroko that his attempt to beat him was useless. 

But when Kagami enters the zone, everything changes. Aomine had entered the zone a few minutes prior in order to get the win for Touou. When Kagami enters the zone, they enter in a one-on-one battle, engaging in intense play that no one else on either team can keep up with.

For the first time in a while, Aomine is having fun. For the first time in a while, Aomine has found an opponent that is giving him a run for his money.

And so when Kagami leads Seirin to victory, he’s not entirely sad. He had found what he wanted. He found someone who could motivate him and prove him wrong. He found his love for basketball again.

So when Aomine tells Kuroko that he won, and bumps fists again, that’s not entirely true. Both Kuroko and Aomine won. Kuroko proved that his style of basketball could win. And Aomine won because he found that he could stand on the basketball court with a person who could challenge and excite him.

That fist bump may not seem like much, but it’s Aomine’s way of apologizing of rejecting Kuroko as his shadow at Teiko. Aomine’s not extremely emotional; matter of fact, you can even call him slightly emotionally challenged. He lashes out at the people who care for him: Kuroko, Momoi, and probably more. But his fist bump shows the emotion that he’s been holding back for ages.

He makes up with Momoi, going back to calling her “Satsuki” and telling her that he wanted to practice again. The match with Seirin made him want to play seriously. 

The thing about being a prodigy is that it can suck. As humans, we want a challenge. We are competitive by nature. So when we clear the height of the competition, we’re left with an empty view that is disheartening. Yes, we achieved the goal. But then what?

That’s why Aomine is so relateable and human. He loves basketball, he loves the feeling of a challenging opponent, but he doesn’t like not having an opponent at all. The fact that he could be motivated to practice again shows just how much he loved the sport. The fact that he changed so much during two games proves that Aomine lives for the thrill of the pressure. The more likely it is he will lose, the better he plays. He lives for the chase. 

He teaches Kuroko how to shoot in order to have a more worthy opponent. He asks Momoi if playing Kagami was fate.

That’s because to him, playing Kagami was fate. He was looking for the worthy opponent that would pull him back up. And that’s who Kagami was to him. 

During the Winter Cup finals, he’s with his team, cheering for Kagami and Kuroko. He smiles when Kagami enters the Zone, recognizing the fire on the court and the feeling he had felt during his game against Seirin. When Kagami goes further within the gate, Aomine truly realizes what he had been missing: the feeling of being on a team.

Aomine heals, slowly but surely. He goes on to become friends with the Generation of Miracles again and to fix his relationship with Momoi, and even learn how to play on a team again.

The ace of the Generation of Miracles is sensitive and human, and yet he’s determined. He will do anything to feel what he used to while playing ball. 

And that’s why we love Aomine Daiki. Not because he’s strong and confident. But because he struggles and perseveres. Because he’s not afraid to lose. Because he’ll help his opponents. Because he’ll do anything to find that fateful opponent that hauls him to his feet. Aomine is powerful, intense, and bittersweet at the same time. He never asked for the power within him. All he wanted was to play some ball and have fun. And that’s why we love Aomine Daiki.

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innocent things the GOM's S/O does that turn them on

Akashi: He loves it when you sit in his lap. Across, facing him, or facing forward didn’t matter. Just the feeling of you being in his arms made him happy. When you embraced him he could feel your body heat and your heartbeat. It was as if nothing else mattered than the blood rushing through your joined bodies. Thus, making him want to get more “touchy feely” with you.

Aomine: When he can see the curve of their ass clearly. Stretched out next to him, squatting down, bent over or climbing before him. Any unexpected chance for him to get a great view of their ass turned him on. Sometimes he would reach out and grab, other times he would enjoy the moment before proposing sex.

Kise: The flick of the wrist. Whenever you showed more skin than usual. Surprising him with shorts, no pants, capris, no sleeves, anything really. Just the small expanse of extra skin he didn’t usually see through out the regular day. This would put him in the mood, but it was up to your response to his advances that would determine action.

Kuroko: He wouldn’t admit it, but it was when you ran your fingers through his hair. Not in a patting a kids head manner, but just running your fingers through his hair. When your nails scrapped his scalp just the tiniest bit, he would feel a shiver go down his spine. When you weren’t facing him, his face would falter with hints of pleasure when you started from his crown all the way back to his neck. This is why he hates it when people pat his head.

Midorima: He will never ever ever ever everx10 admit to being turned on when you interlock fingers with him. The special way your fingers fit in between his made him think about when you had sex. Any chance he had, he would interlock fingers with you during sex. So being out of the bedroom brought up memories he could see vividly. 

Murasakibara: Honestly, he would get turned on when you shared snacks with him. Similar to sharing pocky with your mouth kind of thing. On top of being super close to you, he was reminded how easily he could trap you under him. When he’d steal the treats from your mouth, he thought they tasted better and would let his tongue linger in your mouth. If his lips just barely touched yours, it would rile him up to try and get a kiss.


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“you’ll always stand by the light. that’s your basketball.” “kagami-kun, you say some deep things sometimes.” “shut up.”