Friendly reminder that the MuraHimu Week starts in less than a day, TOMORROW!

The event will last 7 days, from the 22nd till the 28th September, and all you have to do is show your love for these two boys through your own creations, including gifs, graphics, fanarts, fanfics, cosplays, AMV’s, and more!

I have provided you some prompts for each day of the week, but you’re free to come up with other prompts:

  • Day 1: Firsts and Lasts (22/09)
  • Day 2: Our Favourite Moment (23/09)
  • Day 3: Do You Like Pets? (24/09)
  • Day 4: Kinks (25/09)
  • Day 5: Summertime (26/09)
  • Day 6: AU’s (27/09)
  • Day 7: Free Day (28/09)

Be sure to tag all your post with the tag #murahimuweek as one of the first FIVE TAGS so that I can see what you post, otherwise they will be untraceable.

Don’t forget to check the rules before you participate! And if you have any further questions, check the FAQ or send me a message.

I’m really looking forward to this week! Spread the word and have fun!!

                                     K A G A K U R O M O N T H

Hello fans of Kuroko no Basket and Kagakuro! Welcome to the kagakuro month, an event celebrating the pairing of Kagami/Kuroko FOR AN ENTIRE MONTH.

What: An event dedicated to our favorite knb pairing!

When: from 11th of October till the 10th of Novenber!

How: To take part in the event you must only create something (fic, art, graphic, cosplay, fanvid ANYTHING) during the time frame specified and post it (or submit here) with the tag #kagakuromonth2014. There is a list of themes in the appropriate section, but if you feel like the piece you are working on does not fit the specific theme for a specific week, then worry not. You can still post it during that week, just remember to TAG IT. Also remember to TAG IT with the #kagakuromonth2014 as one of the first FIVE TAGS, otherwise it will not appear in the tag and we will lose the opportunity to see your work! More on themes/prompts here.


  • Week 1 11-15.October; SEASONAL/AUTUMN + Field trip
  • Week 2 16-20.October; AU + Family
  • Week 3 21-25.October; 3rd POV/femslash + Fears/Expectations
  • Week 4 26-30.October; Future + Silence/Noise
  • Week 5 31.October - 4.November; Free time/Hobbies + Halloween
  • Week 6 5-9.November; Transformation/metamorphosis + Assignment
  • Free day: 10. November

Why: because I love kagakuro and you should too. 

Alright! We all know that the new season of Yowamushi pedal is going to be starting soon, so im looking for a bunch of new blogs to follow so that i can have it spamming my dash everyday.

Reblog if you are PRIMARILY a yowapeda or sports anime blog and i’ll check you out!

Pairings im likely to reblog:

Other series im looking for are:
♡Kuroko no Basuke

Bonus points if you’re an art blog as well!

you dont have to follow me, but if you want to, i post all of these things too!

Thank you!