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I-biggest turn ons: long hair, vests, being controlled
N- top 5 traits you look for in a person you want to have a relationship with: sense of humor, common interest, kind, intelligent, easy to be friends with.
P-who is your best friend: this is tough. I’ve never had a best friend because it’s unfair. I have a circle of people I consider close friends; lynn, Milly, Owen, jimmy, and gracy right now fit the inner inner call in the event of a disaster circle.
W-do you like it when people play with your hair: hell yes please

To Anna, the Purgatory Woods was hell disguised as nature. Even the trees had it bad with their knarled trunks and dead branches. The mist that lingered even when it wasn’t raining made it hard to see, and let’s be honest, the persistent dark didn’t exactly help either. It was a good thing that the wolves’ eyes would stand out against everything else. They were her guides through the thick air and without them, she would no doubt be lost forever. 

The rest of Neverland was only a slight improvement, she supposed. She was sheltered by the rest of the tribe, with rules stating that she could only go so far on the island and that only the lost boys were safe and the girls were to be kept as far away as possible. What difference was there really? Of course, Anna had somehow managed to cheat the system, having arrived before Miss Darling and somewhat working her way into Peter’s good books as he led her towards the only place where she wouldn’t be kidnapped by pirates. Soon after she’d been accepted into the native tribe, young Tiger Lily had been kidnapped, so Peter’s perception wasn’t as great as it could have been. Even so, there was an aching in her heart and a longing for him to return.

She believed that he would.

Stepping out from the trees with her furry companions, Anna glanced back in the direction she had come from, sticking her tongue out childishly at the fog. While it didn’t affect the other natives, it certainly affect her and she was not at all thrilled at seeing her nightmares come to life every time she went for a wander. Starting to take a step forward, Anna winced at the growls that stopped her from proceeding. She was forced to look up at the boy in front of her.


The castle

I don’t know where to reach for help when you hold yourself so far away,
I’m too weak to make it to your side,
and I beg of you to help.
The castle I once was has crumbled in to ruins, with my soul still inside.
Like ivy it now grows in knarled and twisted places deep within my remains.
Fuled by bitter hatred of those with life in tact.
Those whos brick walls still stand strong against the storm.
I needed someone to come along and look deep into the deep ivy twisted patches of my soul, and still see the beauty brought through my decent.
But are you strong enough to hold up your self and the girl who is already broken?

Fairy wood

I’ll warn you, stone stepper,

light treader,

it’s true; That that fairy wood

is no good for you;

while the paths may take you to places unseen,

undullened by lamplight, shot through by sunbeams;

where branches will bend under treasures untold,

and their knarled knuckled hands offer all that they hold;

there you may hear them, as the sky falls to eve,

in the creaking of boughs and the whisper of leaves;

And, if you’re clever, you may start to run,

back through the shadows of the last-snatching sun;

And you’ll think you have made it, but I’ll think you mistaken;

I think you shall stumble and crack, then be taken;

And the sunbeams will drift into nothing but dust,

the treasures will dull, snap and shatter with rust;

in you will drink the soft golden shrapnel,

swallow it down with the thick twilight musk;

and there you will drown, soaked and choking

on dusk

Okay this one I wrote on a bus ride from inverness to edinburgh as part of a project that was something like ‘I have to finish something every time I take a long journey.’ I rarely stuck to this rule, but it’s gotten me some nice little story-poems. It even got published! Sort of. In a student lit. zine but I am immensely proud of that. 

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Ce que mange le Puffskein ? Pourquoi n’est-il pas mieux, dans le jardin, une Tasse de lait pour Knarl ?…. Pour toutes à propos de L’incroyable animaux », vous pouvez faire une vie de l’assistant, Aldus Dumbledore, le directeur de l’école de Poudlard recommande à ses étudiants de lire ce livre, l’auteur légendaire de Newt Scamander. Harry Potter, bien sûr, a profité de l’un de ces voyages à Poudlard pour les conseils de l’rencontré Dumbledore. (présentation de l’éditeur, Gallimard Jeunesse)


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The face I see is one with drained flesh
Losing form and identity;
Bones breaking through the outer parts.
Hands, knarled and stiff,
Tense, unrelaxed
And hair wrongly arranged.

Life is gone- an empty shell remains
And yet you are the man
Who laughed and argued,
Frowned and shouted.
Here you lie, unnaturally silent,
Present and absent;
A torment to my imagination
And no comfort for my loss.