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If Paul had left of his own accord or even on good terms, he probably would have said something on his twitter about it. Or the boys would have acknowledged how much they love him and will miss him and wish him luck and all of the things that people do to acknowledge a departure when neither party is upset. We can fairly assume things with Paul went sour for whatever reason.


ilikeyourharrystyles asked:

Your last anon is exactly how I feel, like yeah the Paul stuff has happened now but we don't know if this has already been planned for months and he just wanted to go be at home with his family after being away so long. Everyone always talks about the boys being tired from touring so much but never the people in the background.

Him leaving in the middle of the Orlando trip tells me that it was not planned.

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What if Paul getting fired was the reason Zayn didn't go to the Today show—as rumored—but it was actually because Zayn refused to perform if there was no Paul? Like he was trying to fight their decision, but then realized it was useless? I dunno, sometimes those gossip articles stem from a tiny grain of truth.

Well, that’s creative. Paul left /after/ The Today Show appearance though—which would mean he didn’t show up because he knew it was coming but then showed up afterwards. I don’t think so.