Australian Shepherd fursuit head, just completed in February by Kloofsuits.

Made of full foam, DF and MM fur, featuring following eyes, full airbrushing, fleece lined static jaw and floppy, weighted ears. This head also has matching tail.

Head will fit up to 22.5inch, most comfortably 22. No larger. Tail is 21inches approximately from base to tip diagonally. Tail attaches to a belt via belt loops and is stuffed with polyfil.

This will be up for sale for £270 including next day tracked and insured delivery to anyone in the UK. There are no paws with this auction, there is a chance of me creating some for an additional fee but only in rust or black and with no pawpads due to time constraints. Payment by paypal only, no returns accepted.

Please contact Kloofsuits [at] if interested.

The head to go as part of a partial fursuit.

This head is completed all except for a piercing in the right ear.

Full foam base with full DF fur, fleece nose, inner mouth and inner ears, plastic and buckram eyes as well as drybrushed tone to define features.

The suit features flat toony eyes and a static jaw.

The head mannequin is slightly too small for the head itself and therefore the shape is lost slightly, and the neck droops as opposed to lying on the shoulders as it would.


Tiger fursuit head, made from white and orange DF fur, MM White Fox fur, and a local found fur for the ears. Fully airbrushed for markings/detail.

Toony buckram eyes, static jaw with fleece lining, tongue and teeth. Fleece nose and inner ears, adorable ear tufts!

Will fit 23 inch head, probably as low as 22.5 and as high as 23.5. It is recommended you purchase and wear a thin balaclava under this head for more comfort.

Unfortunately, I am not looking to complete any further parts for this head at this time. The furs are widely available for you to complete a partial or fullsuit.

Looking for £250 including next day guaranteed, tracked delivery to the UK.
Please note : I am looking for UK only buyers at this time.

With any questions or interest in purchasing, please contact me by EMAIL ONLY at kloofsuits [at]



did my bestest to get sone nice shots of mexy partial for @kloofsuits! 

I shall get shots of me wearing her later! :3 hope these are ok! if not i can try something differnt! ^^ 

feel free to use any of them and crop them too! 

Work in progress of the Andybigfeet full suit. The tail has also been made. Still to do: cut and add the lower half of the right leg, sew the arms on, add the neck, machine sew the entire bodysuit over the hand stitching, sew in the digitigrade padding and make the feet. Sorry or the awful camera quality.

Work in progress of the new Tauren head coming soon.

I have yet to trim the cheeks down further as well as the eyebrow area, add the mane/hair, add the neck, glue in the eyes and eyebrows and refine the burn scar and add a scratch scar, as well as a few minor paint jobs, and the smile type bits at the corners of the mouth.


So, who remembers this ol’ girl?

I made Azul a fair while back for a school project. I wore her to London MCM in October 2012 and that was it. Then I put her over a frame, stuffed the suit and put her on display in my school’s summer show. Basically, she’s not had much love. 

In setting up the show this year, I bought her home. Tonight I’ve spent an hour turning her into a plantigrade bodysuit (because I feel the digitigrade was made inadequately made and was ineffective) and removing those AWFUL old soles of mine (I NEVER did that to commissioned suits … it’s all I had that was non-slip and the 2 days of wear did that to her) and replaced them with new non-slip rubber held on with a strong spray adhesive. 

My original plan was to fix her up and sell her … but I’m honestly having second thoughts after this.

Note: The zip wasn’t done up in these photos.

Electuroo the Pony fursuit!

This suit is made entirely of DF fur to be extra cuddly and features one-size-fits-most feet hooves, digitigrade padding, mlp hoof-style hands and a huge set of pegasus wings! There is a huge field of vision and extra ventilation from a static mouth that can be opened for breathing/drinking purposes. The cutie mark is hand-sewn in and the hand hooves are attached via velcro and there are pockets which the wearer can fit their hands through while wearing the suit.

The model is far shorter than the owner of the suit and therefore the suit appears incredibly baggy and disproportioned. I will attempt to get photos from the owner once it is received.

Please note: This was made for a friend as more of a favour than a commission. I will not be making any more of these either for personal use, friends or commissions and was just something I wanted to try once. So please do not ask.


Between now and Tuesday, the Gryphon head has a WHOPPING £40 off, and is therefore reduced to £170 OR NEAREST OFFER. This includes next day tracked shipping to the UK! I really need the money before next weekend and therefore if it doesn’t sell by then, it’s going back up to full price.

Contact Kloofsuits [at] for more information or with view to buy!

Original details below:
Just finished this brand new Gryphon fursuit head, designed by the fabulous UKTheWhiteWolf.

He is designed to fit a 23 inch head, though I am 22.5 and it fits perfectly fine, may stretch bigger. It features 6 different furs, and a static fleece beak and airbrushing for added detail/tone.

This guy is for sale, and needs to be shifted ASAP.

The majority of the furs are DF and MM and therefore can be easily purchased to produce more parts of the suit.

I’m looking to sell to the UK only at this time, sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.

I accept payment Via Paypal only, and tracked next-day shipping charges are included in the cost to the UK mainland.

I’m looking for £210 altogether, to be paid asap. With any questions or if you’re interested in buying, please contact kloofsuits [at]

Thank you!