You are so fucking important Bonnie Bennett. You are so much more then people give you credit for. You are more than caramel skin and hazel eyes hardened by determination and resilience. You are beautiful and wild and fierce. You bend nature to your will don’t you understand? You can have everything you ever wanted if you just lean forward and grab it. You are sunlight and shadows, darkness and light, baby girl don’t you know you shine, your a beacon your too big and bold for this life? You were not meant to serve and be bent to anyone’s will but your own. You are more then a device for people who can not understand your power, to wield as they please. You are more than the gratitude you never receive from friends you don’t even recognize anymore. You are more than the apologies that never came even when you lost the person you loved the most. You are so fucking important. You are nature and sunlight wrapped into the shell of a girl who hardened herself, who wrapped her heart up in ice to protect it. You are more then the sacrifices you make to save your loved ones without ever thinking of yourself. Your more than the girl who grew up thinking that love was something she couldn’t even grasp, if her parents were any indication. Your more than the girl who puts everyone before her because she does not know how to deal with something as complicated as her own wants and desires. Your more important than a relationship you died to keep. In short Bonnie Bennett is more important than you could ever know
—  you have no idea who your dealing with
The Originals - ships master list

Klebekah - with Rebekah
Klelijah - with Elijah
Klol - with Kol
Klarcel - with Marcel
Klamille - with Camille
Klayley - with Hayley
Klenevieve - with Genevieve
Klinn - with Finn
Klesther - with Esther
Klikael - with Mikael
Klaroline - with Caroline
Klonnie - with Bonnie
Klatherine - with Katherine
Klelena - with Elena
Klefan - with Stefan
Klamon - with Damon
Klyler - with Tyler
Klalaric - with Alaric
Klatia - with Tatia

Klebekah - with Klaus
Relijah - with Elijah
Rebekol - with Kol
Rebel - with Marcel
Haybekah - with Hayley
Olibekah - with Oliver
Stebekah - with Stefan
Debekah - with Damon
Mebakah - with Matt
Rebekoline - with Caroline
Bekelena - with Elena

Klelijah - with Elijah
Relijah - with Rebekah
Kolijah - with Kol
Marlijah - with Marcel
Haylijah - with Hayley
Celijah - with Celest
Selijah - with Sophie
Camlijah - with Camille
Elejah - with Elena
Kalijah - with  Katherine
Delijah - with Damon
Stelijah - with Stefan
Eliric - with Alaric
Talijah - with Tatia

Mavina - Marcel & Davina
Camcel - Camille & Marcel
Haycel - Hayley & Marcel
Jovina - Josh & Davina
Kavina - Kaleb & Davina
Jayley - Jackson & Hayley
Tayley - Tyler & Hayley
Kolatherine - Kol & Kaherine
Boncel - Bonnie & Marcel

If you can think of something else, please add it :)

anonymous said:

What is the difference between Kennett and Klonnie ships? Do you know?

There is a huge difference between the ships.

The way I look at it —-

Klonnie: is about power.  As in Klaus seeing Bonnie as a source of power.  I think at the offset of any Klonnie relationship, he is in it for one reason only. Whether or not he can get beyond that depends on the circumstance.  On Bonnie’s side, she sees him as a pretty loathsome creature.  I think it would take some real work (or she’d have to go dark) for her see him in any other light. That being said, they are my OTP and I shall go down with this ship.

Kennett: is about a measure of respect. As in Kol seems to have it for Bonnie.  Yes, he tried to kill her but I think that was because he saw it as his only viable option.  I believe Kol has a unique relationship with witches (which I hope they delve into on The Originals) and he has a healthy appreciation for them.  I think he is attracted to Bonnie.  When it comes to Bonnie —- I think she relates to him much better than Klaus.  I don’t think she likes him any better but if she had to work with one I am sure she’d rather work with Kol.

Both ships are kick ass.  

(also Kennett should never be tagged as Klonnie…I see that every now and then and I don’t get it!)

I got so many videos in the pipeline. I start them and then forget.

Currently there is:

Cami & Klaus- Explosions- so excited for this one.

Bonnie & Damon- This one is actually completed. I just needed to do overlays but every time I try to get it done, I get bored and close it. It will be posted before the premier for sure.

Klaus & Bonnie- 2 videos for them. One I just started the beginning of this week and one I started on a while ago but it’s to Florence + the Machine so I need a minute lol.

I was hoping to get at least 2 posted before my top 5 bonnie ship vid expires but that’s not gonna happen. My priority right now is the Klaus and Cami one just because it’s something different for me and I love them.