OP #11 - The Hero Issue - Featuring Lou Sullivan available April 30th. Pre-order available.

Honoring a number of trailblazers who set a precedent for what trans communities are built upon and those who continue to create change today, this issue of Original Plumbing includes a special section celebrating the life of Lou Sullivan and his FTM International newsletter. 

This 90-page issue also includes an artist portfolio on Del LaGrace Volcano, words of wisdom from Auntie Kate Bornstein, writing by Dean Spade and features on Kylar BroadusJamison GreenImani HenryGunner ScottChristopher Lee, Janet Mock, Tyler FongJed BellRupert Raj. With contributors Sean DorseyCatherine OpieStephen IraAlexander RoseJames DarlingShawna ViragoOliver BendorfJosh Klipp andJason Cromwell.

(Cover photo of Lou courtesy of the SF GLBT Historical Society)