so my day was so awesome. nagkita kame ng friend ko na matagal ko ng di nakikita! :) si APRIL KYNA na sa Quezon City na nakatira. sobra ko sya namiss! ooh my gawwwwd! >.<

sobra gulat ko sa kanya kasi SOBRANG TOBO nya na ngayon! XD nakakatuwa naman. :D mas mataba sya sken! HAHAHA. sayang nga lang at di sya nameet nung iba namen barkada kasi may ROTC sila ngayon. gusto ko pa naman na magkita sila uli ng pinsan kong si AWEE. :“> kasi until now umaasa pa din ako at sa tingin ko pati iba namen kabarkada na magkabalikan pa sila. HAHAHA. They’re just the best fit for each other. so sana someday sila din sa huli noh? :)

so that’s basically the highlight of my day. at bukas ay prelims namen sa Chem at Filipino! excited na ko. :D pero di ko masyado naaral ung last part ng Filipino kasi di naman nadiscuss ni mam un. wews.:| goodluck na lang sken bukas! sana makataas sa prelims. :)

We finna be Groovin’ on a Sunday this weekend in Houston.

I’m hosting my player potnas iPod Ammo & Klinch’s early evening function GOODBYE / HELLO at The Flat on Sunday, December 30th! We gonna kick back from 5pm till 10pm and celebrate 2012 right before we roll into the new year’s eve madness. They gon be in the mix while I back ‘em with some very official yappin’.

The party is FREE with RSVP: http://goodbyehellohtx.eventbrite.com (!!!)

$5 at the door without RSVP!

Sunday, December 30th
5:00pm - 10:00pm
(duh, it’s a bar, bruh)
The Flat
1701 Commonwealth St.
Houston, Texas 77006

FB Event: http://on.fb.me/12NqrcH

I walked hopelessly by our house when I saw something on the ground. There was a cross with flowers in it. I asked the girl who seemed to be mourning around. I cleared my throat and asked. “It" was his father. The girl told me that it was the 2nd time he died. First, he attempted suicide. And died. But he was able to take some breath because just because. The last one, he was just walking outside to buy stuffs when he ran out of breath. I know this is not much of a dream but the weirdest part of it was when the girl handed me all the things his father used when he committed suicide. I didn’t ask. I just accepted it. And the girl told me that I reminded her of him. Wow. I was too foolish to not ask. I was too dumb to not question things why. She could’ve answered me.

How I wish we can control our dreams. It’s weird. This is the weirdest I’ve ever had.