Since the announcement of Ryan’s passing earlier this year, I’ve been meaning to create a little tribute of sorts to the guys for all the years of entertainment they’ve given me. Unfortunately I was just starting my final semester of college, and found it pretty difficult to find the time to get anything worthwhile done.

I recently played through Wind Waker for the first time, and found myself really wanting to draw something in that style, so I combined the two ideas and created this thing.

Sorry for making you a furry, Rorie.

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Giant VS Bomb - The Best Examples of the Giant Bomb Getting Salty Against Each Other (By: wallofbricks/Andy Guthrie)

I am Patrick Klepek, I am the Senior News Editor at Giant Bomb, a website where a bunch of white dudes write and talk about games. We’re very unique on the internet in that regard. Two years ago, I was just the News Editor, and then CBS bought us, gave me no additional resources, but told me that I was the Senior News Editor. It makes me sound important so I took the title and ran.
—  Patrick Klepek (x)