FMT #10

My last FMT went well. I think I am still having some problems with oxalates. I had a lot of sandy stuff in my stool this morning (The day after my last FMT) and some undigested food. I took one oxy-klenz last night and it I would say it came out a number 6.5 to 7 on the stool chart. This was a bit disappointing but I’m trying to remember that this is supposed to be a bit of a process and my guts have a lot of healing to do. I am really concerned about treating my new bugs with much care as the Clinic really emphasized this. It has actually created considerable anxiety for me. I feel like I want to be really meticulous about keeping my guts healthy now. Last night I did not sleep well and I have been really over worrying about keeping them alive. Im sure that is not a healthy response.

I fly home tomorrow but will keep posting on my progress.

DAY 11 (FMT 9):

  • I have been feeling a lot less bloating/distention after meals.
  • My abdomen feels normal and soft.
  • I pass gas that feels like normal digestion. I wake up feeling like my food has been processed overnight and my abdomen is flat where as I used to wake up gassy and distended everyday that lasted until i induced diarrhea and then would come back after a meal.
  • This morning BM was on the watery side but brown and all digested food. It felt fairly complete. I wonder if I should not take any oxy-klenz for a while and see how that goes, I will ask the nurse today. (I took only one last night!)

I did have to ramp back up my Betaine HCl intake with meals. I noticed that seriously reduced the gassy burps and gurgly mucus that had started creeping back as I eased off the Betaine. Perhaps its just going to take a while for things to heal so my stomach bile can start generating on its own.

I am still noticing that oxalates are a problem. The IC/bladder inflammation was way better for the last few days. Yesterday I had a little quinoa in baby food some cooked carrots and spinach and I think it was too high of oxalates for one day. Last night I felt a lot of inflammation and burning when i pee and it lasted through this morning. It is feeling better already this afternoon. 

My sleep has been feeling deeper and I fall asleep really fast. I still wake up a few times throughout the night. 

DAY 10 (FMT 8)

  • Today I had a really great BM in the morning. It was brown all digested food. Not fully complete though. I took one oxy-klenz last night.
  • I feel pretty good today , a lot less distention and bloating than normal. Yay.