with the weird and quirky and often incredibly cartoonish designs of the gen ii pokedex ive always wondered if the majority were actually rejects from gen 1

it’s a proven fact, i think, that a lot of old concepts from gen 1 were recycled in later generations, but in no other generation do oddballs like girafarig, ledyba, remoraid and octillery, and unown pop up. later gens have their share of cofagriguses and klefkis but gen 2 has always stood out as the weird generation of pokemon to me. they kind of. fit in less than the rest of the pokedex

Carry a Klefki with you 

One of the weirdest creatures introduced in XY, Klefki, which is a dang set of keys, is something real world people — not just Pokemon people — can put in their pockets now.

Tony Sarkees (maker of the Ace Attorney and Tiny Cartridge 3DS XL cases) put 20 of these Klefki keyrings on Etsy earlier today. Unsurprisingly, they’ve all been sold already — I mean, it’s got immunity to Poison and Dragon, come on. No way that was going to stay in stock for long.

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How can people hate this thing? It’s silly and cute, and actually pretty useful.

It’s also funny to imagine the big dragons like Salamence and Garchomp being terrified at the sound of car keys jingling.