Cotton Bralettes

I make my female Sims wear maxi skirts all the time and I wanted something other than crop tops, so I thought these were perfect. I altered these to have a matte texture because I wasn’t liking the underwire and the shine.

  • There are two versions, one’s length is basically shorter than the other. They also come in 10 solid colors. Underwire and shine texture removed,  more of a matte appearance.


Hope you guys like it!

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Carver Hawke at Ostagar

So tumblr user flutiebear posted this image from the preview of the World of Thedas, Vol. 2, and a couple of people were complaining it was hard to read because small preview size/text. So, I decided to try and transcribe it for those interested in reading it. Bold/italics for emphasis is mine, some stuff might be wrong, someone else might have already done a better job, and I might be doing some thoughts on it tomorrow after sleep. But, here you go!

Carver Hawke, younger brother of the Champion of Kirkwall. They never really seemed to get along. Seems the shadow Hawke cast stretched back to childhood. Those who knew Carver then had a lot to say. Not sure how much is useful, but here’s the best of what I found.

From the mouth of Avris Tanner, captain of the milita of Lord Richelieu, Orlais.

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