10 things Caroline could be doing in NOLA right now:

1. Studying:

2. Antagonizing Hayley:

3. Flirting with Klaus:

"Although, you don’t say flirting when you already had sex with someone, don’t you think, sweetheart?"

4. Spending some Team Barbie quality time:

5. Learning to be a stronger person:

6. Eating someone:

7. Dancing:

8. Making a duet with Marcel:

9. Literally ending New Orleans’s reserves of fancy food:

10. Just throwing some light in the soapy lives of the other characters:

You know, like some woman called Felicity on a town of heroes. #Arrow

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Could you do a drabble maybe where Caroline and klaus get into a fight and Caroline makes klaus sleep on the couch until they make up?

Posting a new drabble everyday is getting a little bit difficult. I’ll try my best to keep doing so, but it might just end up being every other day. Hope you guys don’t mind :)


“In my defense-” Klaus began as she slammed opened their bedroom door. 

In your defense?! You don’t get to have a defense-” Caroline cut him off, twirling around to face him with the skirt of her dress fluttering around her knees and anger written all over her face.

“-I was only doing what I thought was best,” he finished over her words, frustration clear in his fixed jaw and pursed lips as he waited for her to complete her sentence.

“-when you kill five people on our date!” she exclaimed, hands curling into fists and pressing them against her waist to reel in her emotions.

Klaus inhaled deeply, letting out slowly before speaking carefully. “I repeat; I thought they were going to attack us so I attacked them first.”

“You ruined our night!” Caroline snapped, resisting the urge to stomp her foot in irritation at the fact that everything she had planned for that evening (from their walk home to the lingerie she had on under her dress) had been ruined.

“Well, its better than being dead, isn’t it?” he remarked dryly, crossing his arms as he raised a challenging brow at her.

Stifling a scream in her throat, she tossed her head back and threw out her hands in exasperation. “You don’t even know if they were trying to kill us!” 

“They were renegade wolves from outside of the city; of course they wanted to harm us. Harm you!” he informed her with a roll of the eyes as if the matter should have been obvious. She didn’t appreciate the patronising attitude and shot him a glare to let him know.

“If you had let them live, maybe we would have found out exactly what it was they wanted,” she remarked pointedly, letting her arms drop to her side tiredly.

“If I had let them live, we wouldn’t have managed to finish our night anyway,” Klaus retorted matter-of-factly. It was true, they both knew it. If they had remained alive, he would have spent the rest of the night, and who knew how long after, interrogating them in any and every way he knew how to get every piece of information out of them.

“I guess we’ll never know now because my dress is all bloody  and I stink of werewolf blood,” Caroline huffed, scrunching up the sides of her dress in her hands to emphasise the darkened red splatter decorating the hem of the light blue material and fading upwards. “I need to change, and then I think I’m just going to go to bed,” she added tiredly.

Stepping closer to her, Klaus brushed her hands away from her dress and held them both in one of his before hooking a finger of his other hand under her chin. Keeping her eyes fixed on his, she purposely ignored the tender touch of his thumb strumming gently under her bottom lip and decidedly remained indifferent. 

“Caroline, love, I am sorry for ruining our evening, but I am not sorry for what I did. We have been on many dates before and we will go on plenty in the future,” he said quietly but firmly, eyes ablaze with confidence. “Though I need to you be alive to do so.”

She shook his hand off her and pulled hers free from his grip, but remained where she stood. “Don’t you turn this on me! You know I appreciate everything you do to look out for me, but that doesn’t mean you can simply rip out the hearts of five people just because you think they were against us.”

“They were against us!” Klaus exclaimed, turning away from her as he pinched the bridge of his nose and sighing resignedly. “I am not arguing with you about this, Caroline. What’s done is done, and that’s is all there is to it.”

Caroline nodded, agreeing that their argument needed to end there for the time being, and perhaps take some time to breathe and think things through. “Fine, I’m going to shower. Don’t even think about joining me. Actually, you know what? Take the couch tonight; its the least you can do after ruining our evening,” she told him when he faced her again, banishing him to the couch (be it the one in their room or in his studio) even though she was fairly sure he simply wouldn’t sleep tonight. Either that or use one of the (many) spare rooms. 

“Whatever you want, sweetheart,” he agreed wryly before disappearing into the closet to change out of his dirtied clothes as she made her way to the bathroom.

It had been over two and a half hours (by 13 minutes to be exact) when Caroline realised she wouldn’t be getting any sleep that night in the empty bed. She was use to occasionally sleeping by herself when Klaus decided to run some supernatural matters and she didn’t feel like getting into her queen shoes for the night, but they had never slept apart after an argument before. If they weren’t resolved before bed, then it would be paused with some angry sex or simple lust-filled sex as a result of their built up tensions. After falling asleep due to exhaustion, they would carry on with their disagreement the next day, usually much calmer. Or at least, with more space than their bedroom.

Realising that sending Klaus away might have been the problem instead of talking it out after a short breather, Caroline sighed and tossed the covers aside to climb out of bed. Using her heightened senses, she ignored the signs she recognised as the rest of the Original family or whichever supernatural being was still around in the courtyard that late at night until she found a presence in Klaus’ art studio. She should have guessed. 

Pushing open the door as quietly as she could, she bit her lip at the sight of him sprawled out on his rather large, plush sofa. He had an arm flung over his eyes with a pencil still in his grasp and his sketchpad on his lap. She could smell the new paints he must have used as an outlet for his frustration before deciding to sit down and draw. It was his new motive, and she truly preferred it to him lashing out at whoever was closest, even if what he produced in those periods could be rather dark and gruesome.

He had lowered his arm by the time she closed the door behind her and made her way over to him; eyes finding hers even in the dim light. They were questioning and hesitant, and he remained silent even as she took the sketchpad off his lap and the pencil out of his hand and placed it onto the table by his head.

“Move,” she commanded, matching his expression when he raised his brows at her in surprise. He stared at her for a moment before doing as she asked, making space for her to lay down as he turned onto his side and pressed against the back of the couch. “I might have overreacted earlier.”

“Hmm?” Klaus said noncommittally even as his arms went around her once she made herself comfortable next to him. Her hands found his necklaces from where they peaked out from the edge of his top, tugging gently until they spilled into her palms so she could play with them.

“I don’t agree with what you did; you know I hate violence,” she stated, watching her hands intently for a moment before glancing up when she carried on. “But I was more upset that you ruined our night rather than how you did it. Which probably says more about me than anything.”

There was a beat of silence, and she felt his chest rise to brush against hers when he breathed in before speaking. “Perhaps I shouldn’t have reacted so instinctively, though you knew who I was before you committed yourself to this relationship,” he replied, admitting the true reason why he had been so defensive earlier on; because she had attacked him for acting in the way she knew he did.

“I know, which I why I shouldn’t have gotten so mad,” Caroline admitted apologetically, letting her hands travel up to his neck to rest there lightly as she framed his face with the tips of his fingers. “I deserved to be a bit mad though.”

Klaus chuckled quietly at that, nodding to show that he agreed she was allowed to be angry at the fact their night had been ruined. “Is that why we’re sleeping here tonight?” he asked when she settled against him, pulling her arms into her body so they were trapped between the two of them. He tightened his hold on her, rolling them gently so she was on her back and he partially covered her. 

“Yes, its our punishment,” she told him strictly, tucking her head into his neck and finding her home for the night there. “Goodnight.”

“Night, sweetheart.”

Top 25 Fics That Killed A Piece Of Our Soul

Top 25 Fics That Killed A Piece Of Our Soul

Okay, so we’ve all found a few fanfics here and there where the author has managed to make us die a little inside, so today, that’s what this Top 25 article is going to be all about. It’s going to be about the angst, feels and hysterical tears that these authors enjoy putting us through. Safe to say, I feel completely and utterly dead inside after reading all these amazing stories and having to…

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Klaus sensed her before he saw her turning his head he spotted her in the same second Caroline was gone.
He raced to her trailing her scent until finally he caught up to her catching her by her waist and pulling her to him.
“What are you doing here?” he asked with a growing smile that quickly matched the smugness in his eyes.
“Exploring the city,” she said easily shaking away from his grasp with a smile from her cheeks.

— gooddame

Please, please, please.

Coming And Going Part 6

He barely made it to the next room before Caroline’s lips met his in a flurry he hardly knew what it meant but she pulled away with a brilliant smile and he was lost.

He lifted her up by her backside into his arms placing her against the wall as he kissed her in return much like before there was a tidal wave of feelings that could not be ignored.

“You’re staying,” she asked him breathless as his hand played with the lining of her dress the other holding her body to him as she felt his hand slide underneath.

“I’m staying,” he told her with certainty, “I decided I should level the playing field if I wanted a chance with you.” He murmured as she jumped his hand tracing the lace under her skirt.

She became jumpy the longer he traced the outline of her his fingers running over her in a teasing fashion as she gripped his vest.

“Would it be horrible if I took you behind the wall where my brother and his future wife are celebrating,” he asked his hand already sliding the lace lower.

“It didn’t stop you last night,” she laughed as his face grew closer once again her body set aflame, “I won’t stop you now.”

“Fantastic,” he said with a growl from his chest as her began to kissed her open mouthed and heat filled need that drew them closer.

He felt her hands sliding down to his belt the metal clank falling as he gripped her back tighter the button and zipper of his pants undone.

He felt the warmth of her fingers graze him and swore he almost came she giggled knowing the feeling all too well as his fingers danced across her front.

“Eventually we’re going to get caught,” he groaned as he sunk himself inside of her and held until she replied.

“Only if you don’t hurry,” she said rubbing over him desperately making him smile as he kissed her sweetly she pushed down her own guilt.

“Next time this happens,” he said as he withdrew half and pushed back in, “It will go slow,” he did it again purposely, “I will torture you,” he said coming out and sliding back in all the way.

She giggled as the warm feeling in her belly grew, “Hurry about before I fall asleep and miss it,” she muttered into his neck as she felt him kissing her shoulder and grabbing her breast.

“If the lady insists,” he said as he rotated his hips driving himself into her sticking to the tempo in the dance hall, making her rise and fall with each beat until finally she dragged his face to hers.

She came crying into his mouth to keep from being heard the sweet throbbing of her stilling him against her as he followed her into the swirling light.

“Next time,” she whispered over his neck her fingers tracing random patterns as she caught her breath feeling sated once more. “We have to talk about that,” she told him.

She watched as he bent down to grab his belt his eyes looking up at her as he drew up the lace and placed it back where it was then began doing his buckle.

“I got a job,” she said making him forget about his belt as he focus on her, “Government job,” she said sad that he didn’t linger as she touched his face, “Another district.”

“Where,” he asked his tone taking a rough edge to it.

“Not as far as you think but it might put a wrench in your plans,” she said not letting him leave, “I’ll be in the next town over,” she told him.

He smiled again kissing her lips, “What a coincidence,” he said, “I just bought a house there,” he informed her before he hugged her.

“You really want to make this work,” she asked looking up at him hope rising in her chest as he nodded to her.

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it’s nice how Stefan and Caroline look at each other, they’re really really really nice, but it’s just not how Klaus and Caroline would look at each other, basically making eyesex and eat each other with just one look.

It’s just different and I miss that.

and I miss Klaroline.