Blaine's change.

I love Klaine. I really do, it’s my OTP. But, I really hate is the way they have changed Blaine’s character. He went from being the confident, stronger, more nurturing partner. Remember season 2!  And now all of the sudden he has gotten so unsure of himself, and almost clingy and needed towards Kurt. I don’t know if anyone else feels the same way. But that is just what I have noticed. And I read a interview in a magazine where Darren Criss say that he don’t really like the way they changed Blaine, but he’s okay with it because he was like the perfect guy. But still!

Really, those writers…

Okay guys, All the klainers HAS to read this fanfic, I read it 5 TIMES, I know it since last year. It’s super emotional and very well written. It’s like, the best fanfic ever with ” Little Numbers” and “Go your own way” ( If you’re a real Klainer you know these epic fanfic ;) ) So enjoy it, or re-read it !!!