Coming Home With Hedwig

So, this is… very different from what I usually write. It’s first person (Kurt’s) for starters, and there’s like one line of dialogue. Basically, after Darren’s opening night and the flood of Darren as Hedwig pictures, I kept having this image of Blaine’s embodying the same role, and Kurt’s perspective of his husband. Only, it’s written with a life-time of distance. Kurt is an old man now, writing his biography (because of course Kurt Hummel has a biography of his life) and this is a chapter from it essentially.

Featuring Daddies!Klaine and husbands!Klaine and Hedwig!Blaine. Rated M because there’s some smut-tastic moments, but probably not in the way you’ve grown used to with me.


           I always expected marriage to be the highlight of my thirtieth year. As a teenager, I had it all settled. A road map to my life, I liked to call it. My fiancé and I would have found ourselves exhausted (and too tanned) from the spotlights of Broadway, perhaps even from the glow of Manhattan. Our two years of wedding planning were coming to fruition and discussions about our options for children and where to find a house outside the city to raise a family would behind as the year ended.

           Instead, I was already a father (of three, no less), getting ready to celebrate a decade of marriage, and watching my husband embark on the biggest role of his life. Little did I know then, that I was wrong. But hindsight isn’t available for the present in the present. Blaine’s biggest role (and my own) were yet to come, but at the time nothing excited him more. While we were packing up and moving from our high-rise loft in Midtown to a house north of Manhattan, Blaine began his first run as Hedwig.

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Cheetos Power

A day too late, but I hope this will bring you some comfort my darling tchrgleek <3
Inspired by this prompt : “This has been a very bad week and you just grabbed the last box of my favorite comfort food at the supermarket” AU

Blaine is not one to exaggerate.

… Alright so maybe he has a tendency to be overdramatic, sure, but he truly doesn’t overstate things when he says that this week has been concocted in Hell just for his misfortune.

First his teacher decided to throw them under a pop quizz, just for fun, and even though he knew the material, Blaine isn’t sure that he aced that test, and if this makes him drop in ratings, he’s going to kill someone.

Then, it started raining right in the middle of his jogging routine–and stopped raining the moment he was back in the lobby of his building, just enough to make him look like a drowned rat and nearly catch a cold.

Then his laptop decided to die on him, and the only way to reanimate him was to erase the whole drive.

Blaine was doing his back-up when the damn thing died on him.

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Light and Tumble - Birthday fic for Truffle <3


I hope you’ll like this little silly story :)

Kurt looks awfully proud of himself when Blaine comes home, and Blaine has a feeling that this has nothing to do with Dan’s immaculate state as their son plays peacefully in the living room before bed.

But you never know with his husband.

“I know.”

Blaine rolls his tie around his fist as he sits at the table to get a glass of wine and hums curiously in response.

“I know all of your little plans.”

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