thefemalezayn said:

GIGIGIGIIGIGIGIGIGIGIGIGIGIGIGIGIGIGIGIGIG give meeeee zayn blogggs to ffffolllllooooooooowwww

I see a lot of ZAYN from;

  • malikmyvagina
  • malikmalik
  • zaynblog
  • harry-zayn
  • bbradford
  • malikqueen
  • zaynjavadds
  • drunkmalik
  • maliktopia
  • demonmalik
  • dearzayn
  • z—malik
  • ohzarry
  • babymalik
  • zialls
  • yeahzaynmalik

thefemalezayn said:

dear kkingmalik aka awesome aka not you

Dear kkingmalik aka avalyn aka peasant

You are such an amazing writer and I hope that one day you’ll be able to write and publish your own books. You’re such an incredible person to talk to on here and you’ve helped me with a lot of shit this year and I love you so much. Thank you for being there and you are amazing. And fuck you for being pretty :-)

xoxo, Gigi aka ur queen

thefemalezayn said:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR GIGI. I love you so much mwuaahhhh, happy birthday babes :) xxx (see what I did there? I pulled a Zayn). Anyways have fun, don't do anything stupid! If you are going to have birthday sex don't forget to use a condom! LOTS OF LOVE (LOL): Kat, your favorite pussy.

omg. ily kat. thank you c: