Awww** I didn’t expect this one to come to me, since I don’t have that much followers! Thank you! I am not positively sure  I am a interesting person, but, Oh well-

1. My first crush was gay, Not that I mean I was gay, but the person I fell for was homosexual. He told me he had this crush on a fellow who goes to school together and let my confession down. Now we are staying as good friends :D

2. I love to dance in hard music, but I am too scared to visit dance club. I am also scared of pierced and tattooed people, drinking liquor and dancing.

3. My love emotions basically starts with hate. I start loving people that I hate.

4. I loved dairy food since I was a baby. Thanks to that, I don’t have any trouble digesting them like the other Koreans.

5. I sometimes read smut fics at school with my phone when I get bored. Nobody knows they are smuts because they are in English. I am glad I studied English. YEP I REALLY DO. bless you archiveofourown

6. I wished for a dream about meeting Sandy once, and actually got to see him in my dream. I was lying on my bed and he was on the floor, standing. But he was too short so I only got to see his hair. 

7. I am studying illustration and concept art. My dream is getting a chance to work for ‘Dreamworks’. 

8. I don’t like my drawing style and tries my best to draw in a more different, deep style, but it always turns out to be something cute or round.

9. I love all kinds of animals, I am getting used to insects these days.

10. I sometimes yell at the Nintendo Wii-fit yoga teacher while I am doing yoga. Yelling something like : it’s no fun at all!! or, it’s easy for you to say! 

100th post!

I didn’t knew I would post/ and re-blog so much things on Tumblr! 

100 might not be a huge number, considering whole tumblr system, but as a meaning of celebration, I will be receiving requests! message me any time until Sat!