shamelessflattery answered your questionAnd the question still remains…

Game of Thrones. But be prepared: there is a great amount of blood and an even greater amount of boinking, pardon my French.

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Game of Thrones is very…porn-y. Like very much so. I recommend the books but not the show.

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game of thrones obviously (i’ve never actually seen/read any got but television/books > socializing)

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Game of Thrones. Always.

So…Game of Thrones it is? (I’ll fast forward through the “boinking” if necessary!)

kkatiebird replied to your postMy teachers need to stop assigning books from series.

which series? I mean, it’s not like it’d be totally unreasonable for me to add a pile of books to the bookshelf I need to read anyway…right?

Haha, story of my LIFE. It’s called Hyperion by Dan Simmons. It’s sort of like Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales but in a science fiction setting. It took me a while to really get into it, but once I did I didn’t want it to end! (And I suppose, in a way, I’m glad there’s another book…even if it will be forever before I can start it.)

kkatiebird replied to your post: awh what happened? why/how did you ruin it?

i know exactly how ya feel, darlin. if he’s not the same in person and doesn’t make the effort, then you might not be very happy in the long run :(

I dont want to hurt him. And I dont like not know how i feel. And instead of smiling at his texts im usually upset now a days. But if i tell him im not sure i feel the same way im going to go back to the lonely girl no guy wants. 

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awh! I love your hair! Is that its natural color?

naturally it’s a red-brown, but it likes to go ginger in the summer.

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Which movie/tv show makes you laugh the most?

Oh man i watch way to many shows/movies. But one that makes me laugh? Well we recently watched the legend of bigfoot and i laughed super hard in that. But i love shows like Dance Moms and Any Kardashian show when i need a laugh

Thanks Love :)

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Hey Erin :) So I know that you do or used to go to the Nebraska basketball games a lot; are you going tomorrow night by any chance?

I am going tomorrow!!! i always go :) (well if i dont work ahaha but yes i am!)

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erin, puhlease. you are not the girl no one wants. honestly the best thing to do if you feel that way is to get out as much as possible, and don’t turn down invites. you never know what (or who) will happen on a spontaneous adventure.

Thats whats hard. Im having such a fun time in college. And this past weekend i hung out with the Phi Kaps. and I barely thought of Tyler…