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about the ib fandom thing if you don't mind me commenting. Some tumblr users submitted a minor explicit nsfw photos of ib (which is gross since ib is underage) and they also supported pedophilia as well. it was adults who sent underage works to a minor (they were mid twenties I think?) and its also illegal to do that as well. So the person who was sent the photos called them out. and yeah...

To be honest, I’m sick of a society where we only show support on social media, but in real life there’s no one to be found when people are actually needing ya. And I’m guilty of this too; I’m not just trying to call you out, but hasn’t anyone else thought that maybe it’s about time to stop being the generation that’s known only to be too cool to care for the members of our nation?

Although money is nice, I’ve found it mostly leads to greed so we need something more than donations in order to succeed. What we need is humans interacting and loving with each other. We need face-to-face support for strangers, sisters, and brothers. I’m not here to tell you what to believe, who to love, or how to act; I’m just saying there’s no harm in having your neighbor’s back. Too often is the population so quick to believe TV. Don’t they know it’s all a show finding blame in society? No one wants to hear about the cop who got shot in the face, everyone wants to talk about the cop who made a mistake. No one wants to acknowledge a successful marriage between gays. “The child will grow up bullied and corrupt,” they’ll say.

To counter these lies there’s only one remedy I can think of. It’s to show the world unfailing, unstoppable love. Take some time to think - why do we care so much about what he thinks and who’s she talking to? Spend those moments worrying abut someone other than you! And maybe do something nice without waiting for a return because when we expect things of others we’ll only get burned. I’m not implying we should falter in our love or show it any less and I can keep hearing this advice but it isn’t making any sense. It’s about not giving your love to those who don’t deserve it. That sentence is full of shit, when it comes to your love there’s no need to preserve it.

Wouldn’t it be crazy to live in a world where everyone shamelessly loved? Where no one had to worry about ulterior motives or if it was made up? A universal movement towards love doesn’t star with millions of followers. But I can tell you it will start when you change your perspective. The day I opened my heart to love was the day I truly began to live.