Literally my aunt just told me to look up Thorndike’s Law of Effect and B. F. Skinner’s operant conditioning studies in relation to why Ferguson isn’t about race

Like um you’re racist and ignorant 

Also literally Skinner wanted to put babies in giant fishtanks with a toy and a snack to raise them

And also the Law of Effect isn’t going to help the entire country of America become less racist unless we remove people???? Bc the stimulus in this situation is someone’s race????? And the response is racism????? Maybe she wants to remove black people idk??????

Also I’m a psych major?????????????????????? So I already know what those things are thanks kk bye

anonymous said:

So I started following ur blog because u kept popping on my dash since u and Marcella were "talking" and I thought ur blog is pretty cool. Anyways sorry to hear things didn't work out! Hope u find the right girl :) Ps ur dancing video was too funny n adors kk bye

Hahaha thank you very much 💕