So todaaaay. Mmm Will and I walked to school and we went to the library with Nathan so they could print stuff. In second, we got taught by the class and afterwards, Tommy and I sat next to each other to work on our paragraph that we had to turn in for our research paper. During tutorial, I went and got my progress report (and I have a 3.7 D: jajkfdg I need to raise my grades up by the end of the year). Then I spent the rest of tutorial reading The Power of One with Justin and Nathan LOL. Math was alright. For lunch, we were all in the quad doing stupid shit like spitting on a goldfish and like throwing things around and stuff LOL good times. Spanish was alright. We learned too much :(. After school, I went to Target with my dad and got to drive homeee. Then I got to drive my mom’s new car to Costco to guy Will a rotisserie chicken LOL -___- When I got home, Will came over and I dyed my hair and now it’s really super dark and I’m not sure if I like it LOL I hope it fades a lot. We did homework and stuff and then he lefttt. I went running and then showered and went to sleeeeep.