Lets just talk about Kurosaki for a bit because I know he is kind of unnapreciated
• After being stabbed in the stomach he was able to stand and fuckin punch Kizami in the face
• He was risking his life to protect a girl he barely knew
• Even after being betrayed by the man he thought was his best friend he still legitamately cared for Kizami.
• He didn’t want Kizami to have nothing, he wanted better for him
• Some of you guys can’t even care for people if they dis your ship and he cared for this guy after he 1. Killed their friends and 2. Kurosaki wasn’t dumb he probably knew he was dying, ultimately killed him.
• He was apologizing to the man who killed his friends and stabbed him
• He crawled out of a pool of his own blood to save his best friend, if you don’t think that is metal I don’t know what is
Sorry this has been a long rant but he needs a bit more fandom appreciation.