Let me introduce you to the thigh high company that is the answer to so many of the complaints I listed in my Thigh High Rant, two months ago.

The new brand is called Kix’ies.  Here is a link to their website: www.kixies.com. (not an affiliate link)
I will post about the product and company a few times in the coming weeks.  I was just so excited to share this that I had to post about them asap!

**Kix’ies was awesome enough to let me give you $5 off your purchase!
Use code: Vivi  at checkout.**

The style I’m wearing is called the “Ally”.  Ally is a modernized version of the 1940s polka dot stockings I’ve been pining for, but could never find in my size.  In fact… it’s been nearly impossible for me to find thigh highs in my size anywhere.  In the past I’ve had to resort to cutting the legs off of pantyhose at the control top and attaching them to a Rago girdle or garter belt for the vintage look I was going for. 

I am 6’ tall.
I have 30” thighs.  20” calves.  And, a 32” inseam. 
I am wearing a size “D”. 

Although I feel like I wish that they’d come up a little higher on me, overall I am incredibly happy with how they do fit. 
There is plenty of room for the band to continue to stretch.  If you have larger thighs than mine, they will fit you.

These DO NOT slip and slide down my legs like a sad trombone.  They DO NOT squeeze my thighs or make me look like a human sausage.  They are comfortable.  They are sturdy.   They are silky and feel amazing. 

Best of all… they do not require a garter belt to hold them up! 

This brand is INCREDIBLE
I have three different pairs of Kix’ies that I will blogging and making a video about.  I adore all three pairs and want the other styles, too!  I can’t wait for 2014, when they release new colors and styles.

I am inspired to say “Where have you been all my life, Kix’ies?”
The company is only a couple of years old.  It is run and owned by a woman.  They are located here on the West Coast. 

I am currently very interested in brands that really truly flatter women of all shapes and sizes .  These are not just thigh highs for plus size women.  Kix’ies seeks to make a quality product that will flatter a huge variety of women. 

*Please note:  I do not get any kickbacks for sharing this brand with you.  The link is just a link to their site.  They do not have an affiliate program.  This post is inspired by my sincere excitement and enthusiasm from being able to find thigh highs that actually FIT and work for me!


If you thigh high loving people don’t know what Kix’ies are then you are truly missing out. 

These babies are made in a range of sizes and are great for tall people or people with bigger thighs.  They even have these great no slip tops that keep these bad boys up and don’t  thigh muffin topping.

I can’t wait to buy more of these sexy things<3 

Bitches best be checking out Kix’ies