>___< espero que alex mi garoto favorito no se moleste pk haya subido una foto a mi tumblr… ese si es un chico con estilo … amo su espalda . todo XD … esos kanji los kiero baba

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nobody tagged me but albiemolly did the thing and I wanted to do it too

Name: Kit

Nickname: Niisan, Kidneysan, Kitchen, Kitzune from Wendi UvU

Birthday: 20th October

Gender: boy

Sexuality: no

Height: 5’3”

Time zone: uhh technically GMT but my schedule means I’m basically in an American timezone now

What time and day is it there: about 10:30pm on 7th September

Average hours of sleep I get each night: 6-7hr?

My most used phrase(s): “HOW DARE” “I CANNOT BELIEVE” “it’s okay it’s okay!” “are you okay?”

OTP(s): livershipping and quail boyfriendssss

The last thing I Googled was: I think it was the hatoful manga for Molly

First word that comes to mind: not gonna lie I felt started under the pressure and went “aah what aah?”

What I last said to a family member: …I-I do not know

One place that makes me happy and why: I’m pretty fond of the rabbit hill up past the farm where Barneydog lives just outside my village. it’s calm and quiet and there are kestrels and swallows and bunnies and cows and you can see the wind turbines.

Something I plan on learning: HOW TO GET BETTER IN THE EVERYTHINGS drawing and writing mostly

How many blankets do I sleep under: just one, but I wear several layers of clothing to bed

Favorite beverage(s): guava juice, sweet fruit tea, orange soda

The last movie I watched in the cinemas was: The Wind Rises with Kat, I think

Three things I can’t live without: MY PEOPLE all count as one thing because I make the rules. also birds. they all count as another thing. I can’t choose between internet access and drawing stuff for the last one.

A piece of advice for all my followers: don’t rush into decisions! think things over! it’s okay to do things at your own pace! don’t let yourself get pressured!

You have to listen to this song: gestures at my thisismyjam (I’m sunquail over there too)

My blog(s): this one, my art blog coturnixchinensis, my Nageki aesthetic blog saintbagels, and my Hitori aesthetic blog scarfsandstripes