My second fursuit head! shes a dork and i love her

She has great ventilation through the mouth and decent vision! She also features sewn seams with only some glue, mainly around the ears. from now on on i’ll be doing sewn everything. She eventually will have removeable hair and unicorn horn.

my fursuit making lil thing will be called KittyStar because im a warriors weeb! Its a little side thing right now. if ur interested in a head note me : ) prices start at $170 + materials, or flat $230

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The loner cat had long black fur, and looked like a cat.
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It’s blasphemy, plain and simple! A cat that looks like a cat? What’s next: dogs that look like dogs? We’re descending into madness, I tell you- this is a sure sign of the impending apocalypse.

as if on q, all the cats began killing eachother

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Today’s mass slaughter has been brought to you by the letter "Q"!

The word of the day is “quiver”, which is what you will be doing as you watch your family and friends get offed right before your very eyes!

her paw really hurt, like that feeling you get when you’re playing your DS, and your thumb is all sore and red from pressing the sharp edges of the buttons so many times

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How absolutely agonising

“Hahaha Just as planned!” lighted Lightpelt, coming out from brhind a bush bush

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Look on this fanfiction, readers, and despair, for it appears to be a (badly written) Death Note crossover.

everycat began singing christmas songs, which was weird because cats don’t actually know what christmas is, but i wrote this so these cats do.

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In the spirit of the holidays (and this blog’s first Christmas).

A Merry Christmas to all!

Firestar gazed down at the white tom with shining eyes. “I’m terribly sorry for that, Blackstar” he purred lightly. “But it’s time for me to play with my favorite ShadowClan cat.

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