Had a great day today with Kitty and Charanjit. We visited Murray Hill Diner, ate good food. Then we ran some errands, walked to K-town and had Red Mango/Pinkberry. We sat on the 3rd floor of the Food Gallery and spent hours talking and catching up. It was really quiet and peaceful up there. I’d definitely recommend eating sushi/korean food from the 1st floor, it’s definitely affordable.

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10&18 :)

slkhjslkdjh kitty <3

uhhh, i have names picked out (IDKWHYSHUTUP) for if i would ever have a daughter, but i don’t like telling people!

& the sexiest person that comes to mind honestly is fucking joe manganiello holy fuck he could get it

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Hey have you been to TKTS booth, in Times Square, they sell discounted tickets for selected Broadway and Off Broadway shows on the day of the performance. However its Cash Only!! & usually there is a line. I hope this helps :) have fun in NYC!

omigosh i just read about them! the line is literally from the booth to Hoboken. [omigosh i totally sound like a new yorker……just kidding] 

if it’s seriously expensive online…ill go there.