Even if you can’t tell at first, rest assured that Kilo is an amiable, gentlemonster…so long as you are polite, respectful, and not breaking the rules. He’ll ask you politely once. After that, Kilo will have no problem picking you up and tossing you out of the venue like you were a sack of feathers. Cosmos help you if he catches you persistently harassing another guest or damaging property. Kilo won’t stand for that at all. For a towering 9 foot brick wall, the guy has a way of sneaking up on folks suddenly. Thankfully he’s been asked to refrain from punching anyone.

While he’s a pretty vigilant security guard, Kilo is also keeping an eye specifically on little Miss “Sunshine” when he can. If anyone so much steps on her tail, Kilo’s intervention can be expected, though as mentioned before, it’ll be a stern talking to and a stare down at most.

Kilo would rather not have to ruin anyone’s night if it can be helped, though. He likes to stay out of the way and his uniform though custom tailored is still a little uncomfortable to move around in. He does like helping folks when he can, so if you can’t find the bathroom or something, he’ll be happy to help.

Just be on your best behavior, and everything will be just fine.

Cats in a Row


This took so long…Artbook Illustration, all of my Cat OCs on one picture.
Half of these I havent drawn for AGES, drawing them brought back old memories :’D 
From Left to right: My still unnamed Dawn Kitten, Color, Topsie and Tilly (my beloved cats as cartoon characters), “Ayachat”, Anoki, Lee and Mod Cat.

The blue one was probably my first fursona, I named her “Lee” instead of Ellen or Elli. I drew her as a baby to represent my younger self meeting the almost grown up I am now with my Mod Cat.


To the right: My mildly unwilling assistant/model, Pax.

To the left: Scythe Iniuria, pretending to be an innocent little kitty cat while he watches you watch porn.

I did this in thirty minutes with a fuzzy cellphone picture but five crystal clear reference images later I still can’t manage to draw accurate proportions on a giveaway picture I’ve owed someone for like four months now.



Phew, I finally got around to finishing this thing. ( / - \ ) Prancy was in a particularly peppy mood today, and too excited to contain herself, she invited her friends for a special surprise: flower crowning! Some girls had lent her a bouquet of many different flowers and were nice enough to even teach the robotic kitty how to make flower crowns, and Prancy wanted to show her friends her brand new talent! (sketch)

This was something cute I had thought of a while ago with my fnaf oc, Prancy. I really liked the idea, so I hope no one minds that I made something so adorable w/these guys. :’3 I’m pretty happy with the shading. uvu