This was quoted by Vic Fuentes. I believe it was either Rocksound Magazine or Kerrang. Either way, this is so so sad. You guys, this type of thing is unacceptable. Each day on Tumblr or Facebook I see some girl, & even some boys making a huge deal about who a band member is dating or even “talking with.” They can say some of the nastiest things. Some days ago on Austin Carlile’s instagram he posted a photo of him & Danielle. They aren’t even officially together, & I saw some girl posting comments about how ugly Danielle was & how stupid Austin is to waste his time on her. That’s fucking sad. You guys, If you truly TRULY fucking care about these musicians & about ther band & songs they write, things they say that mean something to you, YOU are going to support them no matter what. When Austin Carlile went to jail, we supported him. But the moment he posts a picture with another woman we go bat shit crazy. When Tony Perry was going through a depression, you bet your ass we supported him. But the moment he starts dating Erin, People flip out. You guys, contrary to popular belief, These musicians are normal fucking people. They have normal lives. They just get to go out every night & put their heart & soul into the thing they love. Who are we to judge who they date, Who the talk too, Or who they fall in love with. It’s bullshit. Because some of these girls are actually really fucking nice. I hear the best thing about Erin Aschow. & even Katrina. Yeah that was bullshit too. Judging Katrina. Just no. Mike actually did like her. & I’m sure Mike cares for his new girlfriend too. It’s bullshit that you guys automatically assume the worst of guys like Mike Fuentes, Fronz, Austin, Jack, All of them. You ARE NOT them. You don’t know what goes through their head. So don’t fucking go around & assume they are gonna cheat on who they’re seeing. & The point to all of this is, Keep your negative thoughts on who a band member is involved with, to yourself. Because some of these girls take it to heart. They have feelings too. & you might just be the reason why your “favorite band member” losing the person they truly care about. Seriously, think about it.