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Maybe I missed it, but ... touching/smelling hair. (Is that a weird prompt?)

It was just for the night.

Just for this one night.

Oliver swallowed hard and reminded himself over and over that this wasn’t real, wasn’t permanent, couldn’t last, was only for now.

It only made him tighten the arm around Felicity’s waist, pulling her closer in against him as she slept.

The bed was small, he reasoned, and he was a large man. He just didn’t want her to fall off.

It had nothing to do with how every inch of skin on skin lit his nerve endings up like a Christmas tree. He definitely wasn’t savoring the way she wiggled to get more comfortable (her ass rubbing dangerously into his hips), or the way she ran a hand up and down his forearm before snuggling her face deeper into the pillow with a contented sigh.

He certainly wasn’t burying his nose into her damp, curly hair to inhale the fruity scent of her leave-in conditioner. His face was just… warm.

Warm because she kept pushing her ass into his crotch.

He was definitely beginning to develop a… situation.

Oliver inhaled sharply, lungs full of citrus and strawberry, biting his lip and letting his forehead fall against her shoulder as he struggled to master himself.

"Oliver," he started at the throaty, sleep-roughened murmur of her voice. The hand on his arm squeezed. "You okay?"

"Um. Yeah," he breathed, strangled. "Did I wake you?"

Felicity shifted against the sheets, and he breathed in sharp through his nose, holding very still as her palm slid down his wrist to cover the back of his hand. Her backside brushed over him again, and she stilled. “Uh. I think—I think actually I woke you.”

Oliver swallowed thickly and bit down on a soft curse. “Felicity. I’m sorry, I should sleep on the floor, I just—um. It’s… a small bed, and you’re—and I’m—we’re, uh—”

"Oliver," there was a little laughter in her voice, and he winced, wondering if she was enjoying letting someone else ramble embarrassingly this time. Her fingers threaded between his against her stomach, and he blinked into her hair in surprise. "I’m good here. If you are."

"You, um," he breathed out, shaky, watching in fascination as the rush of air across her shoulder raised goosebumps across her skin. "You don’t mind? I don’t want you to be…" he shifted his hips back a little, putting a couple of inches between them. "Uncomfortable."

"Oliver…" she sighed, releasing his hand and rolling over beneath his arm. She shifted a hand underneath the pillow and shook her damp curls away from her face, looking up at him from under her lashes. Biting her lip, she shifted a knee between his, rubbing the smooth skin up and down between his thighs and making his breath catch in his throat. "What if… I don’t want to be comfortable?"

Oliver breathed curses in Chinese and spread his fingers over the small of her back, squeezing her knee with his thighs as his eyes fluttered briefly shut. “I’m not sure it’s a good idea…”

Felicity scooted even closer, her thigh between his sitting high, her breasts separated from his chest now by only that thin blue tanktop. Tilting her head up, her lips brushed tinglingly soft over the whiskers on his chin. “It’s just one night, right?” Her fingers shook a little as she trailed them across his abs, the muscles flexing under the light touch. “Just one night where we can pretend…”

Swearing again, Oliver caught her mouth under his, kneading her hip through her little cotton sleep shorts as he licked across her full bottom lip, seeking entry she granted with enthusiasm.

He rolled her onto her back, covering her body with his and groaning into her mouth when she parted her legs around his hips and gripped him.

Breathing heavy, he rested his forehead against hers and stroked his fingertips up and down her sides as she carded her fingers through his short hair. Slowly opening his eyes, he was knocked in the chest by the way she was looking at him—he couldn’t even describe it.

"Felicity," he sighed, kissing her softly, her upper lip fitting between his own. "I don’t want to pretend with you. Of everything in my life, you’re the one I want most to be real.”

Eyes falling shut, Felicity bit her lips together, shifting to bury her face in his neck. Pressing a trail of little sucking kisses up his neck, she arched her body into his, breathing into his ear. “Then let me be real, Oliver. Just tonight.”

Avatar: Legend of Korra
Korra/Asami Sato

Just the Two of Us
Korra and Asami’s first day on their vacation in the Spirit World.
Note: Takes place directly after the last scene of the series finale. (Rated M but not really smutty?)

The Return
The story follows Korra and Asami’s last day of vacation in the Spirit World and their first night back home in the physical world.
Sequel to “Just the Two of Us”. Rated T


Reigniting the Oracle - Chapter Two


Hey-ho matey, Saber here! So I received a lot of positive feedback on my last Reigniting the Oracle fic, so I decided to continue it!

I just want you to know that the reason this fic exists is because of all of your support. I really appreciate each and every message, comments, and tags you guys left for me! I was originally going to leave that as a stand-alone drabble, but I’m continuing it now. This wouldn’t be possible without you, so thanks for being here for me!<3

Before we get started, you can find Chapter One Here just in case you want to recap or if you haven’t read it yet. I’d suggest starting with chapter one before reading chapter two. Or you can just dash into chapter two blindly and be super confused if that’s what you prefer I mean, you do you bro. //shOT


Reigniting the Oracle : Chapter Two

Will couldn’t decide what was worse: Being trapped on a ship infested with Telekhine pirates or being crammed into the backseat of a submarine with a zombie behind the wheel. Nico had mentioned awhile ago that Jules-Albert was a racer in his past life. Hopefully he took part in the Submarine Olympics or something too.

Will was crammed between Lou Ellen and Cecil in the back seat of a supposed-to-be-personal sized submarine-car. There was no leg room, no seat belts, and barely enough room to expand his lungs to breathe. On top of that, they were all soaking wet, shivering from the cold water, and a tad shaken up at the whole Telekhine incident back on the pirate ship.

It had to be past midnight by now. The only reason Will wasn’t dozing off was because he couldn’t sleep over the sound of his own heartbeat. He was still a little jittery about the whole pirate ship escapade. On top of that, his first not-so-pleasant shadow-traveling experience was still nagging at him. Will had seen some pretty terrifying images in the darkness, some including Apollo, that he would talk to Nico about after he healed up. Will kept bringing his fingers up to brush across his face. He’d never shadow traveled before, and it was an experience that Will wished never to repeat again. The darkness was definitely not his element. He felt like his face was literally peeling away in the blinding darkness. Nico had traveled all the way around the world using shadow travel while having a 40 foot statue roped to his back? The guy deserved more credit than he was given.

Aside from the shadow-traveling jitters, Will kept reliving the exact moment after their fall when Nico had resurfaced from the ocean, gasped for air, went limp in Will’s arms. Will could still feel the terror that flooded his veins when he witnessed Nico’s arm slip right through his shoulder. It was only brief as if Will’s eyes had been playing tricks on him, but he knew better. As Will had tended to Mellie during the battle with Gaia, Coach Hedge had told him stories of how Nico transported the Athena Parthenos half way across the globe. It had sucked so much life out of the son of Hades that he would pass out for days at a time. Coach Hedge also mentioned a few incidents where he saw Nico’s belt drop around his ankles as if he was losing his physical body and becoming a ghost himself.


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Hi lovely! I don't know if you're taking prompts right now but when you have the time, could you work up a little reunion fic with the line "Felicity, hold onto me tight", please? Maybe him rescuing her just as he comes back and she doesn't know that he's alive yet until he saves her. Thank youuuu!(if you don't have the time, it's perfectly ok!)


It got a little tarzan style. *giggles.*

Sorry this took so long to fill, darling. Hope you like it!! (:


"Felicity, run,” Digg’s command was insistent, and she instantly stopped the hacking job she had been intent on, dropping it and moving from her spot just seconds before the slate of concrete she had been stationed on was shattered with bullets.

Felicity ran faster than she thought she could, her ankles protesting in her high heels, but she paid no mind to them. Bullets shattered around her, loud echoes though the night. A part of her hoped— prayed— that Roy and Digg were okay, but a bigger part of her remembered the panic in Digg’s voice.

She had to get out. For some reason, these men in the dark clothes were targeting her.

Felicity stopped her run suddenly, finding herself at the edge of the building, and she glanced around helplessly for a way out. She had trapped herself.

The edge looked down upon a long, dark alley—the space between her ledge and the next building too far for her to jump.

A loud yell sounded behind her, and her fear and adrenaline spiked.

"Where are you going?" A teasingly calm voice asked behind her, "The fun’s back here."

She quickly discarded the heels on her feet, throwing them onto the other roof as she backed up a few feet.

Crouching slightly, she jumped into a sprint, intent on the building in front of her as she kicked off the edge with as much force as she could muster, hurling herself into the air.

She felt panic flare in her gut at the sensation of falling, and she reaching as much as she could towards the other building.

She wasn’t going to make it.

A scream ripped from her throat, and she slammed her eyes shut in terror—

But suddenly, she wasn’t falling anymore.

She was flying.

She felt an arm tight around her waist and she resisted the urge to turn to find the source, not wanting to risk falling. The arm around her relaxed slightly as they landed on the building across safely, feet planting on the roof.

She began to turn towards him, but he grabbed her hand, pulling her with him.

"Run," he said, and she nodded, ignoring the sharp rocks digging into her heels as she kept pace with the man beside her.

She tried to sneak glances at him, but the dark of the night had cloaked him effectively, showing her only a familiar slope of his nose.

No, Denial raced through her, It couldn’t be.

He stopped them both at the edge of the next building, looking down at the depth below them, the next building too far for either of them to make the jump.

Felicity’s eyes’s widened as he pulled a bow she hadn’t realized he was carrying from his side, shooting a line from them to low on the building, near the ground.

"We’re going to go on that?" She asked, a fear of heights she hadn’t known she had leaping into her throat.

"Felicity," he said her name as a prayer on his tongue, "Hold onto me tight."

Her head snapped up to his at the familiar phrase, but before she could respond, he had taken her in his arms, and together they were ricocheting down the line.

Planted on the ground, she whirled in his arms, a dumbfounded grin on her face.

"It’s you," Felicity said, hands reassuring herself as they ghosted over his face, "It’s really you."

Her laugh laced with stunned disbelief, and he grinned back in spite of himself.

"It’s me," he said, and she hugged him mercilessly, holding him tight to her.

He was home.

Everything would be okay.