http://www.gofundme.com/vzuu6e6 My mothers cat baby JD went missing a couple weeks ago leaving my mom distraught. Shes been through so much lately and this little dingus has brought her nothing but joy and hope in a time thats been most unforgiving. She’s been endlessly searching for him with missing posters and visiting/calling all the shelters in the surrounding area, until this morning she got a call from someone who had found him in a bush seeming as though he’d been hit by a car. He’s left with a broken pelvis among some many other minor injuries but the surgery to fix him is way out our price range. My mother having just survived her own life threatening situation i would be devistated to see her baby boy, her best friend die before he even reaches a year old.
so please help out with even just a share.

pocket change, kind words, shares and support is all we ask. Thank you so much for your time.