Today was the Moana coffee vintage market day in Perth so I had a lot of fun stocking up on vintage clothing and some retro style clothes from friends of fancy. Also got this cute vintage salt and pepper set for my future house that will be filled with kitschy retro goodness.

I was also thinking that perhaps I might start buying vintage/ retro goods for the purpose of selling alongside my art once I have an etsy store properly set up

Palm Trees, Garden City 2011. I was in Bedok this afternoon and found out that “Palm Trees” has been demolished. It’s a typical 1980s installations around town centres. Kitchsy yet familiar.Our old playgrounds are of similar architecture. I’m just glad that the old hawkers centre is still around. I had a bowl of mee soto in the warm hawkers centre. Comfort food from my forgetten youth! wonder how long more will the stalls be around too. #Singaporelandscape #Singapore #everchanginglandscape #fuckidunrecognisemyneighbourhoodanymore #monochrome #mono