My Reaction to Guilty Pleasures...

Ok I flipped out when Kitty sat on Artie’s lap during Wake Me Up Before U Go Go and I was like “Well that might be McTobin but whatever. Happy with it.” So then, I thought that was all the Kitartie I would get right?? Well if you pay attention to Artie in Blaine’s performance on the piano, he looks at Kitty! (He might have been looking at Sam because he was suspicious but I’m pretty sure he was looking at Kitty) so I fangirled over that little moment. Then during Wannabee I kept pausing and replaying Artie’s reactions over and over and I was like “Wait a second… ARTIE ONLY REACTS WHEN KITTY DOES SOMETHING! OMG” and then I was like, “okay don’t expect anything because it’s just all in your head.” THEN THAT WHOLE AWKWARD/CUTE SCENE WITH ARTIE GOING LIKE “I’ve never seen you so.. uh…” and OH MY GOD IT WAS SOOOOO CUTE and I literally had to pause the episode and I screamed for like 10 minutes straight. See now they HAVE to be a couple!!! I’m so proud that my crackship might become canon because I’ve shipped them since episode 1 of season 4. I’m dying of happiness right now…. :D KITARTIE FOREVER

That was too much for me… 


Artie Abrams is the Chemistry/Physics Teacher at McKinley High. He is years old and considers himself -. He is currently single. He is currently open.

William McKinley High School is a school that strives to be the best in Ohio. Everything was pretty mundane there. But of course, as the times changed so did the views. Now in 2013 it is the time to push boundaries and question traditions. The question is will that be pushed as well? Will a teacher fall into the temptation of the forbidden fruit? Will the student act out something that simply could be just a crush?