It’s one of those 2ch style kaomoji. You can download it (dictionary)
for free, and add it in your IME or Google Japanese Input.

According to this site ( http://matsucon.net/material/dic/kao11.html
), it’s categorized under キター, and categorized further under 集合.

キター is a popular kaomoji, expressing excitement.

It’s an explosion of the feeling of wktk (wakuteka). Something
exciting has finally appeared before the eyes of someone.

In my 2ch style kaomoji I downloaded, it’s there, but not to be typed
with “キター” but with “しゅうごう”.

I can get this kaomoji below by typing しゅうごう. (I’m afraid it may be
garbled or truncated due to the posting by e-mail).

( ´∀`)゜Д゜)・∀・)゜∀゜)・ω・)´_ゝ`)`∀´> ̄ー ̄)*゜ー゜)-_-)゜∋゜)=゜ω゜)

I feel weak. So you know what that means. I get stronger. I grow. I evolve. And I kick your metaphorical ass. Nobody will ever make me feel weak like this again. I’m not gonna rest until I’m the best. I’ll punch planets into the sun.

you’re the weirdest.
you’re the funniest,
you’re the loveliest.
you’re the sweetest.
you’re the craziest.
you’re the bits of pieces in my heart.
and you’re designed as God’s finest work of art.

I love you yesterday, right til this very day, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the next week, month, years, decades, centuries and for lifetime. 😂💕

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