I’m laughing so hard because everyone can see my Altoids kit obsession here but it has only just begun. I will one day have a kit for everything.

You all know my witchy tin, but the other two are my writing/doodle/notes tin and my watercolour tin. I have an obsession, and I probably don’t have more right now only because I’m selling the other tins so fast that I can’t keep them long enough to turn them into my own thing. I use empty tins to take my jewelry/crafts supplies places too. I can’t leave home without an Altoids tin.

Also I hate Altoids they’re horrible ahaha

EDIT: The “yo mama” part was my friend’s doing, not mine. 

Kit grinned, the message to Leona had gone through, and even if she had no idea how exactly Tavern Night had gone on, at least it still happened.

“Guess I better write Judessa now,” she said as she tapped Ikky on his beak, “You remember where she is right?”

He chirped and she lifted the edge of her blindfold to make sure no one was coming by as she took out a piece of paper and hastily wrote a note, tying it to his leg and watching him fly off before she adjusted it back over her eyes.


Hey! How is everything! You’d never believed what happened to me! I got snatched up by a bunch of pirates! And they work for the Alliance and say they know Daddy! I have to keep a blindfold over my eyes so the crew doesn’t find out what I am, luckily I trained a bit with one with Lea, so it’s not so bad.

I don’t know when I’ll be back, but I am practicing my channeling lessons, promise!

I figured that I’d take the chance to collect up some good treasure for Envion’s hoard, and hey, make sure that you tell Ass that I miss him and love him.

And also tell him that I’m NOT being that much of a brat! I’m working real hard here! I bet I can take the Admiral’s offer on a ship the next time I run into him and NOT sink it this time (I wonder if he and Saden will let me hear the end of THAT sometime in the next century. It wasn’t MY FAULT that we ran into Darkmoon Island, it’s NOT EXACTLY CHARTED!!!).

Anyways! I’ll be back as soon as I can! How did Lea do with Tavern Night? I got her a short message first, just to make sure Ikky can fly out and find you guys! Make sure that you give him a couple o’ grubs, he likes the ravager babies.

OH! And tell Daddy that I love him, and Uncle that I love him, and tell everyone that I’ll be back soon!


Ps. Still mad as hell at Tara for copying my diary and sending it to everyone. But tell him I love him too.

SPOILER- CINDERELLA: I love how in the new live action Cinderella film they have a scene where Kit (the prince) is curled up crying when his dad dies. Nowadays men in films seldom show emotions like crying or love. It’s important to know that men can cry and be emotional too. Which is why I love that scene so much.”