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Haha i totally forgot that i sent you that because i wasn't around a computer but then i remembered and i had to go through your blog to find out what you said about MIW and the used. That is so awesome that you have seen the used 7 times or so! i havent even seen them once, but i only starting listening to them a few month ago so.

Ah! You should DEFINITELY listen to them more! They’re my #1 favorite band. :) eeeeek


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wow okay, how old are you? 10? who cares! leave them be. and if you ever opened your eyes you would see that a good…

Why do you even comment on something related to Demi Lovato and Nick jonas, I mean you clearly aren´t much of a fan of Disney, so why would you give a fuck?.  The point of the age difference here is that the people dating them, are doing it so for fame.

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Avenged sevenfold

Favorite song?: There’s no way I could ever pick just one, but I guess i’ll go with A Little Piece Of Heaven, just because it’s definitely the most creative one in my opinion.

Favorite member?: Johnny

Have I seen them live?: Twice

Have I met any of their members?: Unfortunately, no.

Do I own any of their merch?: All their albums, and all 3 dvds.


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Black Veil Brides

Favorite song?: Ritual

Favorite member?: Jinxx

Have I seen them live?: Twice

Have I met any of their members?: I’ve met Andy, Jinxx, Ashley, Jake each 2x, and CC and Sandra 1x.

Do I own any of their merch?: Both albums. 

Thank you for doing this!  =)